Episode 65: Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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0:49:24 NAS Server

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  • FreeNAS can be installed on a small Compact Flash stick or a small thumb drive to save space!


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  • mintCast won’t be a default podcast in Banshee in Mint 11

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6 Replies to “Episode 65: Network Attached Storage (NAS)”

  1. Junkyard Sam

    Another great episode guys. Congratulations on grandfatherhood to the grandfather guy! =)

    I wish I knew about Linux and NAS before throwing away all my old machines of the past.

    PS. I discovered Mintcast through MIRO’s guide. Miro is a really neat podcast/vidcast client for Linux. One of my favorite features is ability to jump forward in 30 second increments and backware in 15 second increments. Also, it remembers your place on all the files so you can hop around to a bunch of podcasts at once.

  2. Copycat

    Re: Ubuntu, 200Mil by 2015
    It sounds like Mark Shuttleworth is looking towards the future and thinking of expanding Ubuntu beyond the desktop to more portable platforms such as tablets and maybe smartphones in order to reach the 200 million user mark…

    Re: MintCast as default podcast in Banshee
    I actually am one who discovered MintCast via it being a default in Rhythmbox on Linux Mint 10. But even if it hadn’t been there as a default, I probably would have added the RSS feed to Rhythmbox after visiting the website via the Mint Welcome screen. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening!

  3. dencar

    I enjoy mintCast and it is tops of my listening list since I switched to LMDE a couple of months ago. I just wish the devs would hurry up with Gnome3. This episode was good and informative, as usual, but James’s audio was awful – whisper soft to painful throughout. Please fix it.

    • JamesC

      sorry dencar i was playing around with the audio and as soon as i applied a noise removal filter audacity crashed and i did not have a backup, since my track was recorded directly into audacity. from now on i’ll save a copy of my track before i start editing.

  4. Sparra Mc

    Re: Ubuntu, 200Mil users by 2015

    Here in Tasmania & mainland Australia, you can’t purchase any PC or Laptop that isn’t infected with Microsoft.

    When you ask for a price for the computer without an operating system, the stores response is: “Due to our companies policy, We’re not allowed to sell any computer without Microsoft Windows installed”.

    Microsoft has you by the groin when it comes too a new Laptop. When it comes to Desktops, I build my own which shuts Microsoft out.

    Until you can walk into a department store and buy a new computer with Linux pre-installed, Mark Shuttleworth is dreaming!

    Keep the shows coming boys……………………

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