Episode 52: FluxBox

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This week we review and discuss Linux Mint Fluxbox Edition.

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You can contact Kendall Tristan on Twitter @kendall_tristan


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8 Replies to “Episode 52: FluxBox”

  1. NewW2

    Just finished listening to episode 52. First I’d like to thank Charles and Rothgar for there past contribution to Mint; without there dedication there wouldn’t be a Mintcast.

    About this episode. Aside a few technical issues with repeated content it was a good podcast. As the podcast progressed I felt you all started to sound more relaxed and conversational – this is not an easy thing to do especially when everyone is in a different location.

    I like the format change and the interview with Kendall was a very good segment; one I hope to see continue on a regular basis.

    Keep up the good work. I see strong potential for a growing listener base.

  2. NewW2

    Plz note my less than exceptional spelling mistake – there instead of: their past contributions. Probably other mistakes. 🙂

  3. JamesC

    Yes, the uploads, to my knowledge are now clean of glitches. It seems there was a problem while uploading the files, as the glitches were not in the original editing file.

  4. madwoollything

    Really enjoyed episode 52. Debian Fluxbox sounds really interesting and will be trying it went its released.

    Looking forward to the LMDE review.

  5. RHTopics

    Enjoyed the podcast and look forward to your next episode.

    Your review of Linux Mint Fluxbox Edition was informative and your interview with Kendall fit well with the review.

    I have not tried Linux Mint Fluxbox Edition yet, but I am using Fluxbox on a Debian 5.0 installation. I also appreciate the “clean desktop” approach of Fluxbox.

    One of things that goes along well with the “clean desktop” is to use shortcut keys to bring up your favorite applications and perform commonly used tasks.

    I will assume Linux Mint Fluxbox Edition keeps its fluxbox configuration files in the same place as fluxbox on Debian 5.0. That is in /home/”your userid”/.fluxbox. In that directory you should the find the file named “keys”. Here are some of my additions to this file to bring up applications using the “Windows Key” + letter key combination:

    Mod4 f :ExecCommand firefox
    Mod4 i :ExecCommand rox-filer
    Mod4 l :ExecCommand leafpad
    Mod4 g :ExecCommand geany
    Mod4 a :ExecCommand abiword
    Mod4 v :ExecCommand gvim

    Once you use shortcut keys it is hard to back and rely on just the right click menu.

    Thanks for a good podcast.

  6. dvc

    Thanks for a great review on Mint Fluxbox.

    After listening to the podcast, I flushed my old server running Ubuntu-server with Gnome-core (ran like syrup after a period of uptime). Installed Fluxbox, all services has been running smooth ever since. The system is actually real snappy, even for a singlecore 512MB RAM box.

    Looking forward to the LMDE review 🙂

  7. Don

    Nice job on mintCast #52. Liked the outtake at the end. Keep the interviews coming with developers and maintainers. It is interesting to find out why they do certain things. Thanks.

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