Episode 51: Linux Gaming Review

Harrison and James review some of their favorite Linux games while we transition to the new hosts, in this episode of mintCast. (This is the first episode of mintCast 2.0, hosted by Harrison and James.)

News & personal updates

Flight Gear
FlightProSim Statement
XBMC moves to GIT
XBMC CrystalHD playback

Main Topic

Linux Gaming:

Chromium B.S.U
Gnome 5 minute games
Oil Rush

Websites of the Week

LinuxGames has a great list of games for Linux.
Linux Gaming: Native vs. Wine vs. Windows 7 Performance

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7 Replies to “Episode 51: Linux Gaming Review”

  1. t47

    I liked the topic of the podcast. It would be nice if you’d add list of mentioned games in the show notes.

    I was a little dissapointed that you didn’t mention Battle for Wesnoth – great strategy game that is quite popular.

    On the technical side:
    1. The episode is much shorter – why? Do you plan to do shorter episodes from now on or is it just this one?
    2. What’s the current release cycle?
    3. Maybe it’s me and my machine, but this time I did get the .ogg version instead of .mp3 version I used to get. Is it a bug or is it a feature?
    4. If I remember correctly in the early days of mintcast Charles did get lots of emails about the music on the show. Now you changed it… I suppose you should prepare for a new wave of ‘I don’t like the music’ stuff with the addition of ‘the old one was better’ 😉

    Anyway – thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work.

  2. Harrison

    @t47, sorry for the short Ep. but it was the first show without Charles and Rothgar,so we didn’t have anyone to go off on Rants! The shows should get longer as some of the new hosts come on, and this episode wasn’t planed the best in the first place.
    Yes we plan to move weekly, things might be shaky during this time as James and I were up until 12:30 AM getting everything looking good and (half?) working. The feeds we had a problem with and need Rothgar’s help to get the MP3 feed working so please bear with us while we work things out.

    Haha, yes I have a feeling that we will get a few Music comments in the near future.

  3. Harrison

    As a follow-up to the above comment; I got the streaming to work for both MP3 and OGG, I need confirmation that the MP3 feed for pod catchers so if you grab the podcast from a client like Gpodder, look and see what the size of the file is. If the file is 9 MB in size then you have the OGG version. If the file is 16-17 MB in size then you have the MP3 version. I also put a list of the games that we talked about (sorry if they are in the wrong order but these are what we reviewed.

  4. t47

    I use podget and tonight it catched .mp3 without a problem.

    I noticed that previous files were much smaller (80min long ep. 50 was ~36mb). Previous episodes were encoded in 64kbit/22kHz. Ep. 51 is 128kbit/44kHz which is… well – overkill in my opinion. You can get much smaller files if you cut bitrate or use VBR (this would keep intro and outro music in good ‘shape’). 64-96kbit is usually enough to encode voice. So you could make that 16MB file a 6-8MB one. It doesn’t matter much now as episode is not very long but in the long run encoding parameters are something worth looking into.

    Thanks for the list of games. I hope I’m not complaining too much…

  5. dvc

    Is Harrison the same Harrison that was interviewed in episode 46?

    Anyway, good to hear the mintcasts will be continued, great job on your first episode!

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