Episode 107: Linux Mint 12 LXDE


  • Linux share of worldwide factory revenue grew in 2011 (ZDNet)
  • Anonymous-OS causes concern in the community (H-Online)
  • The Humble Indie Bundle for Android 2 is now available (Humble Bundle)
  • KDE Spark tablet renamed (OStatic)
  • Ken Starks, leader of the HeliOS project, on fighting for survival (LXer)

The Main Topic:

  • Linux Mint 12 LXDE

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14 Replies to “Episode 107: Linux Mint 12 LXDE”

  1. Ray Woods

    I’m sorry I didn’t comment on Mintcast 106 as I was too busy, first of all, playing with SolusOS and then, after hearing The Door to Door Geek, on Linux For The Rest Of Us, rave about SolusOS (after he heard about it on Mintcast 106), I then installed in place of LMDE on my Sony Notepad. As it is based upon Debian Stable I would expect the software will receive updates at least until Gnome 3 and Cinnamon become more mature and other options open up for those of us who need stability from our Operating Systems.

    Whilst it is a shame for Mint, I think SolusOS is the fulfilment of Ikey’s original intention for LMDE. Anyway, I now have Mint 12 and Cinnamon running in VB so I can keep an eye on how things are going.

    All the best with your struggles with the English language!
    Ray (in the UK).

  2. Charlie

    Rather than post my feedback I’m going to send it as a voice message. I just hope Rob understands it. Rob, I will speak slowly and try not to use any long English words like “whilst” LOL. You know what they say… America and Britain are two countries separated by the same language. I’m off now to find a soap box to stand on “whilst” I record my feedback.

  3. tkelly

    You can add launch bars to LXDE. Right click on the panel, go to panel settings, then to panel applets. Add a launch panel, which lets you select the application and the position on the bottom panel where you want the icon.

  4. Doctor K

    Glad to hear that Scott has finally discovered the wonderful world of Gentoo. I use it on all my boxens (Gentoo word) and I find it very easy to install and an absolute joy to use. In regards to the issues surrounding wireless internet and GNOME 3, I can tell you how to easily fix both.

    As far as getting GNOME 3, it’s in the testing branch of Gentoo. To access the testing branch just add ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=”~x86″ to your make.conf file. WARNING: testing is unstable at times, use it at your own risk.

    For wireless, I use wicd and it works flawlessly. It even has support for ndiswrapper as well as WEP,WPA, and WPA2 security protocols. To enable it at boot you need to remove all net.* except net.lo from the default runlevel (ex: rc-update delete net.eth0) then add wicd to the default runlevel (rc-update add wicd default)

    That’s about the best advice I can give on that. Hope it helps.

  5. Beardy Jesse

    I installed Lubuntu on my girlfriend’s laptop before Mint LXDE was available, and then Mint LXDE on a friend’s laptop when it came out. I was surprised by the subtle differences between the two and the overall improved usability of Mint LXDE. I especially liked the software centre inclusion in Mint over Lubuntu and, as always, the mint menu.

    On the discussion of LMDE, I’m very disappointed to hear from your podcasts that this is not the fully rolling distro I was hoping for. Will I need to re-install for the update pack 4, or will it roll on without problem?

  6. Thorsen

    Guy Fawlkes definitely didn’t used TNT in the “Gunpowder Plot” as it happened 2 centuries before TNT was discovered/invented 🙂

      • Thorsen

        Thanks for being a good sport about a bit of silly nitpicking 🙂

        More sensible stuff from here, I promise.

        I believe you’ve mentioned on the show a couple of times that you enjoy Linux Format magazine but that you tend to be months behind due to postal delivery problems. Perhaps you’re unaware that they have a PDF archive which, provided you have a subscription, lets you get the latest issue on the day of publication?


        Hope this helps.

        (BTW, I’m not affiliated in any way :))

        • scott

          I was aware of that. I like to use the archives to do research when we are working on a show.

          As far as the new episodes go, call me old fashion, but there is something about that dead-tree (paper) copy showing up in the mailbox that I really enjoy. It feels like I am peeking at my Christmas presents early when I go and read the PDF.

          – Scott

  7. @InfinitelyManic

    Don’t bash poor Lynx!!!

    Finally got around to replying to comments Scott made about building a Gentoo box from scratch with only limited CLI tools like Lynx. I have to confess that I use Lynx daily at work and at home, but not the majority of the time. It’s a great CLI tool for its intended purpose.

    My point; in the event you need to download something like let’s say “b43-fwcutter-015.tar.bz2.asc”, try the following from the command line:

    1) type “lynx –accept-all-cookies google.com”

    2) Using arrows to put cursor on Google search line and type enter something like “b43 fwcutter”; move to Search link then press

    3) Use arrows to go to “b43 – Linux Wireless” link press

    4) Use arrows and scroll down to “Gentoo” link press

    3) Now you should see “emerge b43-fwcutter”; now move down some more and you will see some references about download options like the wget line

    4) Now you could q(uit) Lynx and then do the wget or . . .you could

    5) Press the letter “l” (this displays all the links on the page)

    6) Use arrow keys and goto the link referenced in wget (Link 78 in this case)

    7) Once on link 78 press d (download) then you will be prompted to “Save to disk”; press ;

    8) The “Enter a filename:” prompt will show up (in case you want to change the name of the file); otherwise, press . . . your file is saved in the directory in which you launched Lynx

    @InfinitelyManic about Lynx! 🙂 🙁

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