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  • 439 – Doin’ The Proton Dance

    First up in the news: Mint Monthly News, Another US state repeals law that protected ISPs from municipal competition, Internet Archive Hit With DDoS Attacks, ProtonPass is released for MacOS and Linux, and new features come to VLC

    In security and privacy: Linux Exploit found by US Federal agency

    Then in our Wanderings: Bill distro-hops, Moss has returned from his musical excursion, and Eric deals with multiple security issues.

  • 387.5 – If you were to build a distro…

    In our Innards section we discuss how we would build our own distro

  • 382.5 – It’s Time to Focus

    In our Innards section we discuss our free and open source alternatives for proprietary software.

  • mintCast 361.5 – X2Joe

    In our Innards section, we pick some of our favorite (free and?) open source software
    And finally, the feedback and a first look

  • mintCast 355 – Deferred Update (mp3)

    First up, in our Wanderings, Mike shreds a new axe, I’m more and more impressed by Proton, Joe has frozen joints, Moss is going to be rich someday, Tony Hughes gets immunities, and Josh panics with a crowbar. 
    Then, in the News, so much controversy, Linux on Mars, VLC on the moon, Mint and mintCast make the cut, and more
    In Security, patch Mint, patch the kernel, patch your browser

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