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  • 434 – Open Source, Close Malware

    First up in the news: Red Hat Announces Nova Graphics Driver for NVIDIA GPUs, Blender 4.1 released, MakuluLinux brings LinDoz back this time with AI, the end of EXT2

    In security and privacy: Backdoor found in widely used Linux utility breaks encrypted SSH connections, Suspected Russian Data-Wiping 'AcidPour' Malware Targeting Linux x86 Devices

    Then in our Wanderings: Moss needs some salt for his new battery, Bill goes vrroom vrroom in a big truck, Joe is getting Steamed, Majid chillaxes, and Dale is Scaling his NAS

  • 395 – Buttery Smooth Experience

    First up in the news, AWK gets Unicode, GIMP out, Firefox improves its memory, Nitrux released, Unity is a Flavour, Microsoft drops Linux, Makulu adds to the confusion, and Debian wrestles with firmware;
    In security and privacy, 8 Year Old Linux Kernel Vulnerability Uncovered, and Plex gets exposed;
    Then in our Wanderings, Moss reconfigures again, and Norbert contradicts himself.
    In our Innards section, Mint and Gnome have lots to show us;
    And finally, the feedback and a suggestion or two.

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