mintCast Episode 19: News & Feedback

In this episode

GNOME, from Wikipedia

No episode August 2 — mintCast will return with a new episode August 16.

Linux Mint 7 Gloria KDE RC1 released

Fat patch could circumvent Microsoft patent

Virtual Box 3.0 released

Firefox 3.5 available in Gloria

Linux Mint bugs now on Launchpad

Command line improvements

Web site of the week




Codecs and DVD playback on Ubuntu 8.04 for all users

G1 app: Ambient Light Sensor

G1 app: Useful Switchers

G1 app: Toggle Settings

G1 app: DoggCatcher

G1 CyanogenMod

Back In Time – simple backup tool for Linux

Fluendo media codecs

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9 Replies to “mintCast Episode 19: News & Feedback”

  1. Marc

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been a Mint user since Bianca and a listener since day 1. The show has really progressed and is coming along great. The 2 host interaction was exactly what the show needed.

    Along the lines of your questions about how to get audio file questions, I may have a solution, you might check into Google Voice. It would be perfect and it’s free! I’ve been using it and I love it. Also functions great with Gizmo too.

    Keep up the great podcasts

  2. ian bradby


    Great podcast, thanks for all your work.

    Since moving to the new site, itunes no longer seems to pick up the new casts. By clicking on the itunes link on the mintcast site, the following message is displayed ‘Your request could not be completed – The itme you requested is not currenlty available in the UK store’

    Hope you can help

  3. Clement Lefebvre

    Hi there,

    First of all, congrats on the podcast, I love listening to it.

    About the email addresses and the hosting, you can sign up for Google Apps, it’s a free service. Basically it will host your email for The interface will let you create aliases, email addresses.. etc, and you’ll end up with Gmail, Calendar, etc.. all under

    [email protected] for instance is hosted by google apps, and I let you imagine how convenient that is with the Android G1 🙂

    All you need to do is to sign up for google apps, and to redirect your email DNS addresses to Google.

    good luck,

  4. Fifoxtasy

    just another little workaround for you:
    sending files that could contain viruses (exe…) is not possible in gmail and other mail services (yahoo, hotmail…). even if you have a exe file in a zip file they won’t let you send it. their scanner sees the exe inside the zip.
    a simple way to get around this is to password protect the zip file, their virus protection doesn’t see the exe file in the zip any more and you can send it.
    just don’t forget to include the password in your email so the recipient can actually open it.

    have fun emailing your viruses 😉

  5. Tom Wright

    I think that the suggestion of allowing users to contribute voice clips is a great idea and would really help bringing great content into the show. When you switch to WordPress there are actually many extensions which would allow functionality like this to be managed from the site whether it be by allowing user to upload voice clips or record & upload clips online using flash.

    I actually maintain an open source WordPress extension which would provide this functionality and would be more than willing to answer any questions/provide any help you need in setting it up. You can find it on WordPress at or test it out on my blog at

    I really enjoy the podcast and wish you the best of luck with the new site.

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