mintCast 300 Blast from the past


Correction: It is, in fact, 2019, not 2018.

Correction: At ~7:10 in the podcast, Leo says interviews will be released Monday. The correct day that interviews will begin their release is Wednesday, January 16th. And one a day thereafter.

Interview Intros:

  • Charles
    • Leo: Charles and I were having trouble with Mumble and after a bit of frustration, ended up using our phones in a throwback to the original episodes with Rothgar.
  • Rothgar
    • Bo
  • SiKing
    • Tony W: Shorter convo.  Still on Mint! Intro to mumble
  • Rob
  • Joe Ressington
    • Tony H
  • Isaac
    • Bo

Bi-Weekly Wanderings:

  • Rob
  • Anthony (Antman)
  • Leo
    • Updated my laptop LAST NIGHT to 19.1
    • Getting my feet wet with editing interviews and teasers
  • Joe
  • Tony Watts
    • Dell Venue 11 pro 7130 too
    • (car)
    • KDE Neon – audio issues
  • Bo
    • Joe shamed me off of arch
  • Tony Hughes
    • Fixed my issue with VirtualBox sound after a little bit of playing around I changed the Audio setting from the default ICH AC97 to my internal Intel HD Audio, and this cured the issue.
    • DIY headphone padding job.


Before we leave, we want to make sure to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible …

  • Charles, Rothgar, SiKing, Rob, Harrison, Joe, and Isaac
  • Peter Paterson for trumpeting our episode 300 info all over the place, in person and online
  • KWisher for the “PiCaster”, a Raspberry Pi that streams each episode as we record it
  • The folks at Hacker Public Radio for the Mumble server we use to communicate
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about



5 Replies to “mintCast 300 Blast from the past”

  1. Scott

    The only thing I got out of this episode is that a) Linux is crap, b) If you have to do anything serious go Mac / iPhone.

    If presenters, presenting at a LinuxFest/conference, cannot do so on Linux, then Desktop Linux is definitely a failure.

    In all seriousness – “MintCast” should really consider doing a Mac/Apple podcast. AppleCast. MacCast. iOS-Cast.

    Don’t get me wrong, each to their own (personally, I don’t care what people use). But to listen about how Mint/Linu has so many shortcomings on the desktop has convinced me to try out a MacBook and iPhone. I want to join the “it just works” gang.

    • mintCast

      Hi Scott,

      I think your comments are related to the 300.1 episode and interview with Charles Olsen, where mac/iOS was discussed.
      We certainly expected some commentary on that. You may recall Charles discussed moving to a MacBook for hardware reasons, because the MacBook was silent where his previous PC produced fan noise which was problematic. I don’t recall any mention of shortcomings in desktop Linux. The software Charles is still using for his profession today is Audacity, which is open source audio software available under desktop Linux. Nonetheless you make some interesteing comments and I am sure this will make for good discussion on the next episode of mintCast. Thanks for listening and thanks for your feedback!

  2. Peter Jones

    I think it’s about using the best tool for the job. I’m not personally a fan of Apple but if a quiet laptop was needed by Charles then that is a sensible choice (although of course Linux can be installed on Apple hardware).

    If I want to use Office applications I switch on my Windows box and use Office. Its my preference as every-time of have tried Libre Office I always have compatibility issues with my Office documents I need to work on from my workplace. The same goes with Adobe applications.

    If I’m developing in Python or PHP (I’m not very good!) I use Linux with Visual Studio Code. The same goes if I need a web-server or want to use Docker. If I want to use C# I use Visual Studio Community Edition on Windows. It’s more about the applications that run on an OS rather than the OS for me. Although if I could run Linux all the time I would.

    I use both Windows and Linux probably in equal quantities (I love them both) and Windows has improved hugely over the recent years. The issue for me is Linux development is so thinly spread with so many distributions and desktop environments. If only the ‘Canterbury’ April fools could come true and people worked together the results would be amazing!

  3. Henrik Hemrin

    I’m new to MintCast (and to Mint), so Episode 300 was good to get somw backgriund. And not at least the separate interviews gave me insights in the story of MintCast.
    I would appreciate if you here on the website can add photos of all hosts involved now, where they are located and maybe there specific areas of Linux, Mint etc. In addition, a short bio list of all legacy hosts would be nice as well. Finally, keep the casts not too long. Impessing with 300 episodes. Best wishes for podcast 301 and forward!

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