mintCast 299 Last Episode of 2018

Bi-Weekly Wanderings:

  • Leo
    • Fresh install of Linux Mint 19.1, but wine-staging was weird
    • Making loads of backgrounds
  • Joe
    • Playing Watch Dogs
      • UPlay on linux.  BOOOO
    • Updating the tablets to 19.1
    • Using sshfs and vpn from far away
    • Server is down!!!!!!!!!!
    • Watching Linus Tech Tips
  • Tony Watts
    • Updated podcast/recording machine to 19.1
    • Windows hard drive clone attempt in GParted not going so well today
    • Retropie setup with PS2 controllers is awesome!
  • Bo
    • Playing Alan Wake on Proton
      • Enable FXAA
  • Tony Hughes
    • Installing Mint 19.1 on a Lenovo x61s. Runs well for a 11+ year old laptop.
    • Updated my Mint 19 installs to 19.1
    • LUG Xmas party
    • As it’s been the Holidays, visiting relatives in Scotland and only got back this afternoon.
    • Watching YouTube videos on restoring and customizing diecast metal cars.

The News:

  1. Oracle VirtualBox 6 released  
  2. Linus Torvalds recently expressed his views on why Linux couldn’t capture the desktop market. 
  3. KDE plasma available as snap package
  4. Top Snaps in 2018 (according to Ubuntu blog)
  5. Windows is coming to Chromebooks 
  6. 5 best Linux distros of 2018    

New year predictions:


  • This year we will not only see edge on chromium we will also see edge OS based on chromium.
  • Dex/Linux will develop into something useable
  • A distro that uses snap for all applications by design.


  • Microsoft Edge will be available for Linux
  • GUI Applications will be supported in Windows Subsystem for Linux


  • Year of the Proton desktop!
    • I predict in 2019 games will advertise Proton support.
  • What the hell is happening to Ubuntu? IPO or Purchased by IBM competitor?

Tony W

  • N64 Classic Mini will be released, with Goldeneye and running Linux
  • Librem 5 will ship in late 2019 (November/December)
  • A big box store will sell a computer with desktop Linux pre-installed

Tony H

  • A new Raspberry Pi will be launched with better hardware (USB3, 2Gig Ram, m2 SSD port) and a new board format but at the $35 price point

Check This Out!


  • Next episode, which will be episode 300…. Expect something a little different, will air at 2PM Central Time on Sunday 13th January 2019.

6 Replies to “mintCast 299 Last Episode of 2018”

  1. Peter Jones

    Just to comment on your quote that VirtualBox does not support 32Bit anymore. It does still support 32Bit Guests, not 32Bit Hosts though.

  2. Ramsay Jones

    Sorry, I forget who said that they had a problem with sound on VirtualBox, but
    I had a similar problem when updating from v5.1.30 to v5.2.14 on a Windows 10
    host. The sound on Linux Mint, Ubuntu and fedora had been working fine until
    I attempted to update, then the sound quality took a dive, sounding very
    ‘choppy’ and coming and going with a beat. The solution, for me, was to go
    back to version v5.1.30! 😀

    However, I did continue to ‘search the net’ for a solution. I *may* have
    found one (but I haven’t tested it!). At least it sounds plausible. It seems
    that (somewhere between v5.1.30 and v5.2.14) they changed the way in which
    the ‘samples’ were fed to the virtual sound-card. In addition, Linux failed
    to probe for the correct frequency and used a fallback of 48kHz, whereas
    Windows uses 44.1kHz (which would explain the beating sound). Anyway, if
    on the Linux guest you edit the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf file to include
    the following (probably at the end):

    options snd-intel8x0 ac97_clock=44100

    … and reboot, then it should fix the problem. As I said, I have not tested
    this, so no guarantee!

    I was going to give VirtualBox 6 a try, but was put off when you said that
    32-bit wasn’t supported. If Peter Jones (above) is correct and 32-bit guests
    are still supported, then I may give it a try after all. However, if you
    were to test this before me … 😉

    • mintCast

      Hi Ramsey, thanks for the response it was me that was having Virtual Box issues with sound.
      After a little bit of playing around I changed the Audio setting from the default ICH AC97 to my internal Intel HD Audio and this cured the issue.
      This is the great thing I find about the community there is usually someone who has had a similar issue and can give advice that may solve any problems I’m having.

      BTW VB6 does still support 32bit guest machines but you can’t run it on a 32bit host.

      Tony Hughes

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