mintCast 298 Lots of News

Bi-Weekly Wanderings:

  • Leo
    • Testing Linux Mint 19.1 Beta in a VM and on my main desktop
  • Joe
    • Setting up a car server entertainment system for upcoming road trip
      • Plex
      • Easytether
      • Mopidy?
      • Which device to use
    • New keyboard
      • Odd shaped keys and extra keys
      • What to script to the extra keys
    • Lg hbs 810 headset soldering,  
      • Why i like it and the pitfalls.
  • Tony Watts
    • Looking at DD-WRT and Open WRT install on TP Link AC1200 following DNS settings disappearing in proprietary firmware settings
    • SSD upgrades for podcasting machine and family computer
  • Tony Hughes
    • Playing with Mint 19.1 beta, both in Virtualbox and on a Dell E6220 No major issues but no major improvements unless it’s background stuff.
    • Pricing up an Entroware Desktop system that I’m thinking of buying in the new year. I’ve not had a NEW, new system for over 15 years and just came into a little money and fancy something to last at least the next 5-10 years.
    • Buying used laptops at my local computer auction for a friend so her son can have a newer laptop for Christmas. This is where I get most of my PC’s and Laptops.
    • Also playing with MX 17.1 32 bit in VB and it will run with 256mb Ram, although as the test was on an i5 laptop not quite a true test so I may install the 18beta on a Lenovo X61s dual core to see how it plays with 10+ year old hardware.  
    • At the LUG Yesterday I helped a member install windows 10 onto a Dell optiplex 7010 so he can write a magazine article on using the Pi as a Steam link controller.
  • Moss
    • Raspberry Pi 1 is a Gateway Drug.
    • Computer was not working right. Turned out, Mullvad did not automatically recognize my laptop on wifi, but works properly with Ethernet. This is a setup issue, not a Mullvad issue.
    • My Fire cover came in, it’s not that nice (poor fit, and plastic is not gel).
    • And the Uber app “required” me to upgrade my phone. I had trouble with a refurb X4, am waiting for the replacement.

The News:

  1. Mint 19.1
    1. Linux Mint 19.1 (Cinnamon) IT’S BETA
    2. Linux Mint 19.1 (MATE)
    3. Linux Mint 19.1 (XFCE)
  2. Android Trojan masquerades as battery app, uses PayPal app to steal money from you.
  3. Epic Games releases game store competitor to Steam for “other open platforms”

Releasing game engine/dev tools for “All Platforms”

  1. Possible Microsoft Edge for Linux
  2. Opera launches built-in cryptocurrency wallet for android
  3. Adobe Customer Care – “There isn’t enough demand for Linux build”
    1. Linux Journal posted a way to “vote” for adobe cc on linux
  4. Steam Controller v0.4.6 and v. (experimental) released
  5. DXVK v0.9.4 released
  6. Jellyfin released to replace Emby after Emby closed its source
    1. No Jellyfin apps, but as of now, will work with Emby apps

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Ep 299 on December 30th at 2PM US/Central

4 Replies to “mintCast 298 Lots of News”

  1. Christopher Patrick

    The last couple of episodes I’ve noticed it say mp3 on the OGG feed. I was wondering if you stopped doing the OGG version of the podcast?

  2. Brian36, Dorset, England

    Hi Guys
    Welcome and many thanks for the new shows. My tastes are broad where Linux is concerned, but I major on Linux Mint. I only use Windows for OCR and Tomtom updates (why do they use Linux inside but Windows outside?). I’m with LM18.3 till I get Wine sorted as I use ham radio software. I have a RPi so I don’t mind talk on that. I more of a ‘user’ and tinker where necessary. I do subscribe to Mint once a year.
    Best wishes

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