mintCast 289 – Linux Mint 19



Bi-weekly Wanderings:

  • Isaac has puppies, been playing with Gnome, and still can’t get his Arch box to work correctly.
  • Rob’s been on vacation and solved some issues with pip on his Mint 18.3 box.


Linux Innards:

  • Rob and Isaac installed Linux Mint 19 and talked about everything they liked.

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  • We’ll be back in a month everyone!

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Hosts: Rob and Isaac
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2 Replies to “mintCast 289 – Linux Mint 19”

  1. Torin Doyle

    I’m glad they got rid of the levels feature in the update manager. Security should always be a priority.

  2. Will

    I actually first learned about the bash path hash from the Linux from Scratch book. The first command that it recommends putting in ~/.bashrc is `set +h` to disable hashing so that bash will always look up paths and will pick up the new tools as they are compiled (

    Rob, I’m not sure what Python versions you were dealing with, but in recent versions pip is built into Python. The pip command is deprecated though. The official recommendation is to use `python -m pip` instead of `pip`. The reason for this recommendation is that there is too much opportunity for confusion between the version of python and the version of pip being used. Using `python -m pip` you always use the pip tied the python binary you are executing.

    If I am doing something simple and the Python packages in the repo are sufficient, I will use them, but other I use an environment I manage like Isaac was describing for node. pipenv is a nice tool for managing Python virtual environments. I also like conda (installed with the miniconda installer).

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