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  • Rob and Isaac go over Chapter 5 in the Linux From Scratch documentation.

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Hosts: Rob and Isaac
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8 Replies to “mintCast 261 – Constructing a Temporary System”

  1. Will

    Isaac, I think you were referring to a comment I had made about you ending up back on Mint after going through Arch and LFS. I think you guys talked through my reasoning somewhat on the show. I didn’t mean that you would get lazy or be scared away from messing with the Linux internals. I think it is similar to how when a lot of people learn to program they start out trying to write everything from scratch, while an experienced programmer has learned to leverage external libraries and spend all of his/her time on the part of a project that is unique. After LFS, you can go back to Mint with an understanding of what is going on under the hood and only tweak the parts you care about while leaving most of the work to the Mint team.

  2. Hank Barta

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the interesting series on LFS. I’m getting ready to play along. I’m also wondering it this is a way to get a 64 bit install on a Raspberry Pi. (I think it is probably smarter to try on an Intel platform first.)

    And speaking of Raspberry Pi, I thought I’d share two use cases that I’ve deployed. (Did you see what I did there? 😀 )

    SWMBO decorates her office with a cardboard fireplace for Christmas. She ‘hangs stockings with care’ and had a picture of a fireplace on it. I replaced the picture with a Pi Zero attached to a retired monitor that loops a fireplace video. I recently upgraded it with springtime themed video of blooming flowers at her request. (More info at The Zero is ideal for this.

    The other use is a Pi 2 Model B outfitted with a WiFi dongle and connected to an amplifier. It has an MPD (Music Player Daemon) server installed and configured to point to my music library (on a file server) I can run an MPD client on any PC, phone or tablet in the house to play music.

    I’ve used a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as a desktop and cannot imagine that for my daily driver, but I am accustomed to an I7-7700K with lots of RAM, SSD etc. A Pi would be better than nothing but I agree that is not really a suitable PC replacement.

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