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  1. dshimer

    So for IOT it would be great if someone would develop a base system that was open, could be updated over the air, and offered a way for individual system apps to be updated and sandboxed. Maybe there is a point to what Canonical is doing with snappy (and core)?

    A couple of those articles was obviously old. Yes software center is gone, replaced with a more mainstream solution (Gnome Software). However debs are still supported and apt still works on the desktop but snaps will also be and will solve a lot of the problems you listed. Any software that currently runs on Linux could be packaged as a snap. They aren’t abandoning anything that I can see, just offering a new paradigm which is also open and could be run on any other system distro. A very comprehensive explanation and answers to questions was provided at

    Sure it may be “for developers”, but don’t you think that the chance for them to keep their programs shiny and fresh on any release would also be huge for you as a desktop user?

    You brought up some great questions re: the store and how security updates will work, but I see these as questions that can be worked out in time and are far outweighed by the chance to have an always up to date system (and apps), running tools that have at least a minimal audit before being made available so I as a daily, barely technical, end user have some degree of trust (vs random ppa). Plus the programs have interaction with each other and the system in a way that I control via sandboxing.

    I stick with Ubuntu because on the 12 desktops and 4 servers I have to be responsible for I needed something that I could just install and walk away from with just an occasional update if I happen to be in the location of one of the boxes. They aren’t perfect and yes they try new things that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, but they seem to evolve and and there are examples of them changing things that don’t catch on or work. N.I.H. yes that is human nature but I try to not suffer from the A.S.B.I.A.C. syndrome (Automatically Stupid Because Invented At Canonical). More ideas and innovation are rarely a problem, don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s all good and there is plenty of room for everyone.

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