mintCast 243 – Korora 23




Main Topic: Korora 23

  • Korora Project
  • Rob installs Korora and talks about his true feelings for Numix icons.
  • Isaac talks about his Korora experience and how he might keep using the distro going forward.

Tips & Websites:

  • Korora Project
  • Reglue
  • The default Screenshot function in Cinnamon is for PrtScn key to run “gnome-screenshot” which silently grabs the whole screen and saves it to your “Pictures” directory. This is both less useful and less obvious than it might be. Modify Cinnamon so that the PrtScn key runs “gnome-screenshot –interactive” which allows you to choose the behavior you want. To do this on Mint 17.3 (Cinnamon 2.8.7):
    • Menu > Preferences > Keyboard
    • Select “Shortcuts”
    • Add a new “Custom Shortcut” command to run “gnome-screenshot –interactive”, and bind it to the PrtScn key (called “Print”)

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5 Replies to “mintCast 243 – Korora 23”

  1. dshimer

    So many misconceptions and false starts all over the web with regard to the bash on Windows implementation (not saying here, but in general). There is some great information out there straight from the sources.

    Week of 4/5/16 Ubuntu community QA has a lot of answers re:the technical implementation

    There is also a wealth of information regarding where it’s at, where it is going, and what it is useful for in the videos linked at

  2. mikef90000

    Sorry for the OT post, but normal direct download (right click) didn’t work for me repeatly at this time. I had to use wget and noticed a http 302 Moved Temporarily response; don’t know if this is common on

    • Isaac Carter

      Thanks for the heads up about this. I’ll look into it. Keep us informed if it keeps happening or gets corrected.

  3. Ray Grau

    This is HUGE I love seeing the bash command line come to windows. I am fairly new to linux but because of my job I have been able to use the command line more and more as I deal with my websites. I love the topic around 20 minutes that people use what is on their computer! SO true! Keep it up gents!

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