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  • Android App Addicts ( I been listening to this podcast for a few weeks now. Find it really good since I don’t have the time to surf the Google Play store or when I do search through it, I don’t find too many useful apps. These guys do a really good job of doing all of that for me.
  • Free eBooks daily ( This site offers a free ebook everyday. I have grabbed up a couple of really good books from this site. Highly recommend all of our listeners check this site out. This is in Europe so it goes from midnight to midnight on their time, not America.
  • 82 keyboard shortcuts for Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition ( I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts in everything that I do. For those of our listeners that are interested in keyboard shortcuts, then here is a list of 82 keyboard shortcuts for Linux Mint Cinnamon. Even though it says it’s for 17.2, I’m pretty sure they will still be prevalent regardless of your version of Mint.

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6 Replies to “mintCast 241 – Linux in Print”

  1. Lieven Hanssen

    I thought that the long break between podcasts was because you were hacked to :-).
    For books on programming epub versions really can have a very messy mark up on e-readers that’s for sure. Even the epubs from Linux Voice.
    But for flipping through text books like a book and keeping bookmarkers and adding notes to them a tablet can be very suitable. An e-reader can work in theory, but because the experience of selecting and typing text is so slow and jarry it’s not recommendable, but a tablet can do fine in this department.

  2. Will

    Thanks for the list of reading material. Great show overall.

    I think when it comes to complicated stories you should either go over the whole story or not go over it. It seemed like you didn’t want to go over the Mint hack story but felt like you had to so did it really quickly but you kind of stumbled over the details and made it seem like you weren’t sure what had actually happened.

    Also, just a clarification — Cinnamon is a fork of GNOME 3. It is not based on GNOME 3 (changes to GNOME 3 don’t cause any problems for Cinnamon). However, Cinnamon and GNOME both use the GTK 3 graphical toolkit. This toolkit is also maintained by the GNOME foundation and does frequently have backwards incompatible updates, so what you said about changes to GNOME affecting Cinnamon was close to correct.

  3. John Hill

    Thanks for a nice explanation of X-Apps, I hadn’t really understood the point before.

    I’m afraid I have to take exception to Rob’s insistence that Bluetooth doesn’t work in Android. In fact, I was listening to the podcast using AntennaPod on my Android phone streaming over a Bluetooth connection when I got to the part about the failure of Bluetooth on Android! There must be quite a story behind that one, but I fear that his statements are only true for “some values of Android”. Perhaps on a future episode we could learn more about Rob’s trials and tribulations that led to his statements? Although Android isn’t exactly Linux, Bluetooth seems like an interesting topic.

    • richardquirk

      Yep, I was listening with AntennaPod and bluetooth headphones at that exact moment too. Must have been a wonky combination of hardware that Rob had.

  4. swift110

    I think that Rob meant that Bluetooth doesn’t work with Linux. Sure we could argue that android is linux but it’s just different enough in this case to have two different outcomes when it comes to bluetooth.

  5. swift110

    Of the books that were mentioned in this episode I am the proud owner of two of them: Linux Mint System Administrator’s Beginner’s guide by Arturo Fernandez Montoro, and Linux Mint Essentials. I do remember years ago being able to go into a bookstore beit Barnes and Noble or my dearly departed Borders bookstore to get Linux Journal in print. I am also grateful to be familiar with the linux magazines mentioned in the show notes and it’s awesome that so much is available whether in print or in ebook form.

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