mintCast 238 – 2016 FOSS Predictions




Main Topic:

  • Predictions for 2016

Tips & Websites:

  • Linux Academy ( It’s a new year so what better way to start off the new year then learning new skills or perfecting old ones.
  • Third World Linux ( I been listening to this podcast lately and really enjoy it – Isaac
  • Backups: It’s always good to backup your files so in case the listeners didn’t realize it, Mint has an excellent backup tool, Backup Tool, located under Menu -> Administration -> Backup Tool

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Hosts: Rob, Scott, Joe and Isaac
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2 Replies to “mintCast 238 – 2016 FOSS Predictions”

  1. richardquirk

    Here are my silly predictions for 2016:

    1. Arch will continue to be ignored/underrated by everyone on the Mintcast podcast 😛

    2. Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 will be boring releases where nothing much changes, just relying on the incoming Debian updates. Likewise Mint 18 will be a yawn-fest too. This is not so bad, but it’s getting a bit dull dontchathink?

    3. We’ll see some internet drama around the Solus project. It has reached version 1.0 now so the time is right for Ikey to do something crazy again. Maybe he’ll leave the project, maybe he’ll rename it. But 2016 will contain Solus-related Drama Queen antics.

    4. A mintcaster will officially step down from the podcast! My bet’s on Joe, though it might be Scott. They’ll be replaced by a synthesised computer voice. Nobody will notice as it has always been impossible to get a word in edgeways when Rob hosts anyway.

    5. Confusion will rein about what happens to the Mint 17.x branch – will it get updated with any new packages? It’s supposedly supported until 2019, but nobody will know what that means exactly and the mintcasters will be scratching their heads too.

    6. Ubuntu Community Manager Popey will follow the path laid down by Jono Bacon: he’ll leave Canonical in 2016 and shortly after admit on his own podcast that he always preferred the Mac and iPhone anyway. “Y’know, they just work without having to mess with config files” he’ll say.

    I was going to predict that Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu-Mate fame would become a Canonical employee in 2016 after he mentioned on Linux Unplugged that he was out of work. But I heard that he’s just got a new job elsewhere so that’s less likely to happen now.

    • icarter1391

      Love the predictions! I’ll definitely bring them back up at the end of 2016 to see which of them came true. I promise to change #1 and will no longer ignore Arch on the podcast.

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