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Main Topic: LibreOffice with Robinson Tryon


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5 Replies to “mintCast 225 – LibreOffice”

  1. Michael

    Hopefully I can address some of Rob’s concerns about LibreOffice in the distro’s repositories and the latest packages available on the web page. The packages offered on the official libreoffice web site are packaged in such a way that they will never conflict with the packages offered in the distro repositories, and can be installed along side the distro version without conflicts. Thus if you want to play with the latest stable version, or even the latest beta, you can, without affecting your distro’s install. If things work well, you can simply remove the distro copy of libreoffice. Also, the packages are standalone for each version as well, so they won’t automatically upgrade older versions. This can be annoying, but it does allow you to try the next version or beta without removing what you already have. On one of my Fedora machines right now I have 3 versions of LibreOffice installed, partly because I’ve been too lazy to remove the old versions.

    I think the way is doing their packages is a good middle between people wanting LTS stable packages and those wanting the latest and greatest all the time.

    • Will

      I have used the LibreOffice version off the website on quite old distros without any performance problems, so I can confirm this works well.

      Do you know how the PPA works? I wonder if that could be installed without conflicting with the distro’s packages? Manually updating packages can be a pain. If there is just one or two packages you need to update by hand, it can be doable, but beyond that it becomes pretty laborious to keep up with updates.

      I wonder if distros should add LibreOffice to the set of packages that get constant updates. Programs like Firefox and Thunderbird already get constant updates because of the security implications. Perhaps LibreOffice should get updates because it is probably one of the most used applications on the desktop after the web browser. On the other hand, despite Robinson’s hard work, I have gone over a year without updating LibreOffice on a couple of my machines without feeling like I am missing anything.

  2. Will

    It’s too bad Joe wasn’t there to groan when you guys were talking about how important it is to keep track of and disclose how donation money is used.

  3. mikef90000

    Hi guys,
    After listening to this episode and others, I have to point out that you all may be misinterpreting the output of the ‘free’ command. IMO the ‘cached’ memory should not be counted as ‘in use’ as it will vary depending on how much total memory you have and other Linux settings. Run lxtask and sort by RSS to see your memory hoggers.

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