mintCast 197 – Firefox vs Chrome

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Main Topic: Firefox vs Chrome

  • Mozilla cancels development of Windows 8 “metro” version of Firefox (
  • Both Firefox and Chrome fall at the 2014 Pwn2Own (
  • Standards Compatibility test site – Firefox 27.0.1 scored 100/100, Chromium 32.0.1700.107 scored 98/100 – ymmv (


  • 4 Classic Operating Systems You Can Access In Your Browser (


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9 Replies to “mintCast 197 – Firefox vs Chrome”

  1. 3dbloke

    Hello Rob and Stev… oops, Scott. Another enjoyable show.

    I was a Firefox fanboy until the Chrome beta appeared on the scene (2008/9), but I switched back to Firefox a couple of months ago.

    In favour of Firefox:
    – Tor browser bundle uses Firefox.
    – It’s not Google.
    – I prefer the bookmarks management tools in Firefox.
    – Firefox Sync works great. So you have to create an account… no big deal.
    – I may be wrong, but Firefox seems a bit lighter on memory usage.

    By the way, just as Firefox Sync encrypts/decrypts your data locally, Chrome has the *option* to do this (by adding a passphrase in the settings) but it is not done by default.

    In line with Rob’s comment, Firefox (on my LMDE Mate box) sometimes takes 5-10 percent when it’s not really doing anything, but maybe there’s some background update of some kind, e.g. the Ghostery add-on checking for a new ad-blocking list.

    (Another issue with Mate is an intermittent memory leak associated with mate-settings-daemon, but that’s another story).

    Overall, I like Firefox and intend to stick with it, largely in support of open source vs. the big money-making corps like Google. In the same spirit, I’ll be looking at Firefox OS as a replacement for Android, when it’s available.


    PS. Was that an Irish accent Rob did at the end of the “news” section, begorra?

  2. Brian36, Dorset, UK

    Hi Rob and Scott
    Thanks for the ‘FF vs Chrome’ show, guys.

    Certainly, there are some spooky goings on with Google and Chrome. I shall persist with Firefox, it’s flexible and does what I want in most systems including Windows.

    I use MATE, but I have had the Caja problem. After listening to your show, I have now installed LM16 Xfce on my netbook, now I’m playing with the settings, but it is looking good.

    My wife uses LMDE on her Dell laptop and she has had no problems with it despite being a noobie.

  3. Esteban

    Enjoyed your podcast. I found your podcast via Linux Action Show. They made mention of your podcast regarding various windows managers. Anyhoo, I’m glad I found your podcast.

  4. richardquirk

    I’m gutted to hear that the show’s going fortnightly! Say it ain’t so. Ah well, just make sure you alternate with the Linux Luddites, or it’ll be a famine followed by a feast of podcasts. 😉

  5. RonanC

    I’m living in Galway, Ireland; the birthplace of Linux Mint.
    We don’t eat corn beef here!
    I’ve never seen it before haha 🙂

    Also we call it Paddys day 😉

  6. Colin White

    Thanks to one of your discussion’s a few weeks ago I am again able to play my favourite Windows game. Since last summer Civ4 on my Mint 13 and LMDE boxes has been playing up. I run it in Steam in Crossover and odd crashes started happening. Anyway one of you, the one with a North American accent, mentioned Cinnamon taking a whole load of resources so I have switched to Mint 16 XFCE and the crashes are a thing of the past.

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