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  • Was Linus approached by U.S. authorities and asked to put a ‘back door’ in the kernel? (
  • Linux Development: 7 Surprising Facts About Who Writes Linux Apps (
  • Raspberry Pi: How I spent almost $150 on a $35 computer (

Website: Valve – SteamPowered

  • SteamOS: Valve’s Linux-based operating system for the TV and living room (
  • Valve is planning to take on the living room with SteamOS. This is the video game publisher/digital distribution and community provider’s free, Linux-based operating system. Valve will license it, at no cost, to device manufacturers who wish to release their own Steam-based consoles. SteamOS is due out “soon,” according to the company. ( (

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  • Watch for “Event” announcements in the mintCast Community on Google+ to find out when we’re recording!
  • OGGCamp October 19th & 20th 2013 at Liverpool John Moores university in the UK. (

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Podcast Entry and exit music provided by Mark Blasco ( The podcast bumpers were provided by Oscar.

6 Replies to “mintCast 176 – SteamOS”

    • mintCast

      This is something that WordPress is doing to “help.” I have looked for a way to fix it, but because they automatically generate the RSS feed from the posting I can’t change ow it’s done. One of the down sides of not running our own site.

  1. Brian36, Dorset, UK

    Hi Guys, thanks for a great show.
    Good to hear you’re fixed up with the new job, Scott.
    I was very interested in the comments on the LMDE update. So it looks like I won’t be updating my wife’s LMDE laptop.
    I much enjoyed NoMasterYoda’s input on the RPI. I know they’re used in amateur radio applications so it’s on my shopping list.

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