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  • The Internet as we know it is safe…..for now (
  • LibreOffice 4.10 gets released with numerous improvements (
  • Lifehacker has put together their 2013 list of the best Linux apps (
  • Bonus: A better review of Linux Mint 15 Xfce than we could manage (

Distro Release Lightning Round:

The Main Topic: UX with Sonic4Spuds


  • mmiworks

  • m+mi works is an interaction architecture firm. We design elegant and compelling user interaction for desktop, web and mobile software.

Podcast Announcements:

  • Ken Starks wanted to remind us that ReGlue is holding an indiegogo fundraiser to secure funding for operations for the coming year. You can help out by making any donation you can afford. (

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2 Replies to “mintCast 169 – UX with Sonic4Spuds”

  1. Colin White

    Puppy is a great OS and it’s desktop works well. I have used it on a really old HP laptop with 128MB of RAM and an Asus 901 net book.

  2. Arold

    Deluge is definitely worth a look. There is 3 things that are neat with it :

    1- It support Socks proxy with authentication, so you can torrent anonymously (to my knowledge this is not supported by Transmission)
    2- It as a console interface (package: deluge-console)
    3- It as a web interface (package: deluge-web)

    The web interface is really great. You can start the deluge daemon on one computer and manage you torrents from anywhere in the house with a browser. If you have a VPN or if you are willing to open a port in your firewall you can manage your torrent from anywhere in the world!

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