mintCast 166 – KXStudio With falkTX

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The Main Topic: Interview with falkTX on KXStudio

  • KXStudio is a collection of applications, artwork and plugins, targeted at audio and video production. KXStudio also provides a Linux Distribution, currently based on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS. Although focused on GNU/Linux, some of our applications work in other Operating Systems. (


  • I was looking for a way to show a map of my local network in my Conky monitor. I came up with the following line for the .conkyrc file:

    • ${texeci 300 nmap -sn | grep ‘192.168.99’ | cut -b 22-}

  • It’s a simple use of nmap, grep, and cut as “external” commands:

    • ${ … } is conky’s way of identifying a command and its arguments

    • texeci 300 tells conky to run a command in a separate thread every 300 sec

    • nmap -sn is the nmap command to do a “ping scan” of one segment of my local network (CIDR Notation)

    • grep ‘192.168.99’ pulls out any line containing the string ‘192.168.99’

    • cut -b 22- grabs the characters (bytes) on the line from the 22nd to EOL

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13 Replies to “mintCast 166 – KXStudio With falkTX”

  1. Ray Woods

    Sorry but I am unable to download this podcast any more. In the past a right click allowed you to download the audio file, so I could save it to my player. Today this just results in an unplayable ogg file of 3.9kB. On the mp3 page even this option isn’t available.

    These new pages are okay if you want to play directly to your computer but for nothing else.

    Now, there may be some “magic” software to download these audio files but I just want to do it by the simple route please.

    Technology should make things easier, not harder.

    • mintCast


      Thanks for the feedback!

      I fumble-fingered the link on the OGG file this week, so it wasn’t pointed at the right file. In Firefox you should be able to right-click the player link and see an option that says “Save Audio As…” and another that says “Copy Audio Location”. Chrome/Chromium’s choice is “Copy Audio URL” (it doesn’t seem to allow the “Save Audio As…” option.

      We’ve been fiddling with the way that these files are shown in each post in order to clean up the RSS feeds that many people are using to download episodes. I’ll have a look at adding another direct link to the post that would let you right-click, save-as more easily.


  2. Ken Sprouse

    The file you are downloading is just the HTML information on this particular podcast. I use gPodder for all of my listening and it keeps telling me that there is a “404 error” when it tries to download this episode.

    As with anything “new” there are usually some bugs to be worked out. I’m sure the MintCast folks will get it straighten out just be patient.

    Amateur Radio Station WA3FKG

  3. Ken Sprouse

    The file you are getting is the HTML information associated with this particular podcast. I use gPodder for my on line listening and every time it tries to download I get a “404” error. As with most things “new” there are always a few bugs to be worked out so be patient and I’m sure the MintCast folks will have it worked out in short order.

    I appreciate they efforts they put forth in making the show to keep me informed. Have a good day.

    Amateur Radio Station WA3FKG

  4. mikey

    I can confirm that – using podracer anyway as a downloader – this weeks podcast can’t be played, either in ogg or mp3 formats. Actually they killed my MP3/OGG player till I removed them again.

  5. DonsEars

    Hi Guys,
    I always enjoy the show so thanks for that. But the audio distortion on this show was quite annoying. Especially ironic having an audio developer as a guest. Again, thanks for an interesting and informative show.
    – Don

    • mintCast

      Sorry for the poor quality this time. We had a software failure during the recording of the show. Scott’s Audacity cratered and he lost the recording we would normally have used for the final production. We were forced to use the backup recording from Mumble, which was not nearly as good.

  6. Bell 4 Life! (@FakeBibic)

    So… you want Studio updates and not Ubuntu’s? Open up Synaptic and unselect all the Ubuntu, and Cinnamon ppas. If you are smart about it you will leave your security updates ppas active. Hm.. Maybe falkTX could mirror the security updates on his PPA? Oh well… looking forward to you guys tells us the solution.

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