mintCast 160: Is Microsoft Lagging?

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The Main Topic:

  • Microsoft is lagging behind Linux in performance. (
  • “I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why.” (

Featured Websites:

  • Morten Juhl-Johansen Zőlde-Fejér tells us, “I am a heavy podcast user, but a few of them stand out. I did an article on this kind of casts worthy of support. (
  • Also from Morten, “As for your mention of Newsbeuter, I did an introduction to using it for podcatching.” (


  • Michael sends us this tip, “I couldn’t help feeling sorry for you when you mentioned the “tree” command this week. You said that it beats navigating the directory hierarchy and typing “ls”, “cd ..” etc. Maybe you’ve not heard of the “find” command? Surely you have! But if you had, you wouldn’t be doing that! find lets you specify a shell pattern to match against file names at any level in the directory hierarchy.” (

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Hosts: Rob, Scott, James

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Podcast Entry and exit music provided by Mark Blasco ( The podcast’s bumpers were provided by Oscar.

12 Replies to “mintCast 160: Is Microsoft Lagging?”

  1. Ian

    Hey guys, sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but neither the mp3 nor the ogg file will download from here or via a podcatcher. 404 errors on both.

  2. Christopher Patrick

    I cannot download the mp3 version of this episode from podcruncher on my ipod touch 4g device, so I tried to play it manually and get following error message. Could Not Play Episode The requested URL was not found on this server. It downloads it in 1 millisecond and then gives me following error message when trying to play it Could not play Episode This media may be damaged.

  3. lars

    It says “file not found” and if I try to download it, it only downloads a few kb.

    With the risk of repeating myself: you should check the file after uploading it, or in this case, that there actually is a file.. 😉

  4. Bill_MI

    It appears to be a general site problem. Not only is it running very sluggish but older episodes are in the same state.

  5. nspboarderdude

    I found the cheesy attempts at segues quite hilarious. Very nice.

    You may want to consider having this page in an open tab during each recording:

    It seems like every other episode you two spend an unnecessary minute trying to recall which release of Linux Mint coincides with the corresponding Ubuntu counterpart. Just a suggestion. Look forward to each weeks’ podcast!

  6. merelyjim

    “Try working in IRC with a tablet or phone…”
    Ha! #Chromebook.
    [Sorry, paused midstream, and had to post] 🙂

  7. BostonPeng

    Another great show. I seem to remember using Desklets back when I was an Ubuntu user, but I may be remembering gDesklets ( I ended up switching to Screenlets ( since their site has been down for a while) which had a better selection of widgets.

    Cinnamon has a solid release? I’m pretty sure SolydXK won’t do a Cinnamon release. (Sorry, I had to go there. Take a drink.)

    As far as why Ubuntu’s making such drastic changes goes, it seems to me like they may be making them because they can, and because The Spaceman has said he wants the change made. That seems to be good enough reasons for them, and it’s the very reason why so many of us have installed other distros on our systems. There’s a nice discussion about this, and the possible fate of Mint, over on the SolydXK forums and several of us are concerned about what the upstream changes will do to clem and the Mint team. I’ve got Mint 14 KDE running in a VM so I can run Webilder but I’m not even interested in upgrading it to a more current version since I only need it for that one app that I can’t install on SolydK due to a dependency on python-appindicator, which is a pain in the rear for anyone not running an Ubuntu-based distro. That bugger has so many dependencies I can’t even get it built from source, and I’ve tried on several occasions.

    I second Rob’s recommendation of the Freakanomics podcast. It’s one of several public radio podcasts I subscribe to and it’s always entertaining and informative.

  8. Stephen Parsons

    Just a quick note on how to say “Newsbeuter”. It looks like the developer is from Germany, so it’s a good bet that it’s not “byooter” but rather “boy-ter”. “Beute” (boy-tuh) means something like “loot” or “catch”.

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