mintCast 157: The World of Desktop BSD

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  • Open source desktop developers meet at freedesktop Summit. (
  • Debian 7 Wheezy gets a tentative release date. (
  • More information on the demise of Fuduntu. (
  • Parallella: The $99 Linux supercomputer. (

The Main Topic: Desktop BSD

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  • mockturtl: Web MIDI coming to Blink. (blink-dev)

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  • BSD Magazine: For Novice and Advanced Users. (


  • Another one from James Eaton: Have you ever seen a train running on Linux command line? Have you ever seen ‘Tom and Jerry’ on Linux command line? Well, working on Linux command line is not that serious always. There lies a fun factor too. Here in this space, we shall discuss the idiosyncrasies of Linux command line. (

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3 Replies to “mintCast 157: The World of Desktop BSD”

  1. Nagilum

    Another good one! 🙂
    I’m running a FreeBSD router (Soekris net5501) at home and the reasons for using FreeBSD are:
    – continuous updates, the install is at least 10+ years old, its now in the third box and on the forth disk or so, never did a reinstall just normal upgrades/updates from source..
    – stable and up-to-date, most of the serversoftware is pretty up-to-date on FreeBSD when compared to other stable Linux distributions like Debian, I like my Apache and wordpress to up-to-date (and not just patched)
    – pf – the firewall, I find these configs are the most readable firewall configs

    BSD as a desktop works but Linux makes this much easier. The dependency chains of these packages are usually a lot longer which makes it more likely that something breaks during an upgrade so it’s a lot safer and hassle free to use precompiled packages.
    One of the cool features of FreeBSD is idprio/rtprio (at least in my book). With that you can change the scheduling class of processes. If you run something with (“idrio 31 ffmpeg …”) you won’t notice it’s there. On Linux you just can’t do that even after nice +20 and schedtool +D the process will still be able to steal CPU cycles from your processes. With ipdrio it will be as obtrusive as your idle thread. 🙂

  2. tolga

    i have noticed that everytime Solusos is mentioned, you guys drink to it? is there a reason for this? is solosus a special distro that we must keep an eye on? or is it a mint killer? (I realise IKey used to be a mint debian dev, but….)

    also, is there any reason to why bluetooth to mobile phone and mobile back to laptop (andriod) hasnt improved since 9.10? i mean, i still, up to this date, MUST install Blueman applet 1.23 ( Blueman is a GTK based Bluetooth manager) to be able to transfer files between the two devices … come on! its 2013 and this basic shit still dosnt work out of the box with any ubuntu based distros i have tried to date, including Mint!

    anyways great show and i’d rather have a drink everytime MintCast is mentioned…unless someone can CLEARLY explain to why solosus is so special…

    (P.s – i have installed and tried solosus and i just dont seem to see what all the fuss is about?(solosus)…after afew days of use, i went back to Unity 1204)

  3. tolga

    oops forgot to mention;

    My setup is by no means outdated or under powered:

    Laptop: ASUS UL50VT laptop (64bit) – everything works with ubuntu/linux (except webcam is displayed upside down in skype…no big deal)

    Andriod device : Motorola Atrix

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