mintCast 137: Music in the Clouds


  • War of words heating up between two popular FLOSS Office Suites. (
  • Fedora 18 beta slips, talks of becoming a rolling release. (
  • Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons: Supreme Court Hears Contentious Copyright Case. (

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Cloud Music Services

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5 Replies to “mintCast 137: Music in the Clouds”

  1. John A

    Not a fan of either OpenOffice or LibreOffice. I have received training in MS Office 2007 (and 2010 and 2012 are not much different) and I must say, I much prefer the Ribbon UI and am way, way more productive with it, not to mention that I produce considerably better looking and easier-to-maintain documents.

    MS Office continues to be a killer app for Windows and Mac.

    I don’t think either of them are good, as they’re Luddites. We need a clean break from that. That’s why I’m so excited about the Calligra Suite. It takes a completely original approach to UI which actually works really well. I am divided between this and my beloved Ribbon Ribbon. It really is quite outstanding and I hope it develops further. It still has some rough spots but they’re being worked out very fast.

    Also props to AbiWord for keeping down the feature creep (it’s intentional). It has the same UI concept as LibreOffice–but the thing is, it doesn’t have the feature creep. So you can find functionality easily in AbiWord. But LibreOffice and OpenOffice need to change their UI or they will never take off. They’re a giant pain in the bum for me to use, and I’m sure most of the world’s office workers feel the same.

    Moral of the story: support Calligra! And don’t just donate, because the fact is, that doesn’t help all that much (Jeff Atwood post:, try to contribute in any way you can! If you can’t say translate, don’t have time to help out on the forum, you can always make a post or two on the forum about usability. The project is still young and needs help.

    C’mon guys! I’m not affiliated with Calligra or KDE (though I do use KDE) but I must say… an awesome office suite is in the making… LET’S MAKE IT THE *BEST* IN THE WORLD.

  2. BostonPeng

    Rob brought the Dubner! WOO HOOO!!!!

    What kind of guide to KDE are you looking for?

    Re: Spotify:
    Please don’t recommend that users of Debian-based distros use a PPA unless you’re sure the PPA is set up for pure Debian users. PPAs are for Ubuntu-based distros and can do very nasty things to Debian-based distros like LMDE. The two really don’t play well together.

  3. merelyjim

    Interesting breakdown on the music services…
    I’ve been using (and greatly enjoying) Pandora for a while now, and after listening, decided to try Spotify as well. Signing-up, it requires a Facebook account. Nope, not going to sign up for that monumental black-hole of time-suck known as Facebook. I’ll stick with Pandora.

  4. vj777

    Great podcast – very interesting.

    One minor gripe (I just mention it as I’ve noticed this a few times with previous episodes) – you mention a topic and then forget to include a link in the shown notes. In this case I had to re-listen through the podcast to find the reference to freegamer. Anyway, just saying that the notes page is really good as I listen to the podcast while driving and often cant jot down notes while listening.

    Also, no mention of the guy installing linux on his school PCs, which was at least as interesting as the main topic. Anyway, a very listenable duet episode without a lot of one sided pontification which some othertimes occurs.

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