Microsoft Trains Best Buy Employees to Lie About Linux

According to an article on the Daily Finance web site, Microsoft is indoctrinating Best Buy employees to sell Windows 7 by telling outright lies about Linux. No surprises there, it’s not the first time they’ve resorted to telling lies about their competitors.

It does show a measure of desperation. As one of the comments in the Blog of Helios article pointed out, you generally want to avoid mentioning your competition in your own advertising. By putting up a defense against Linux, Microsoft is making it clear that they are worried. And the fact that they resorted to lies shows how weak there own position is.

6 Replies to “Microsoft Trains Best Buy Employees to Lie About Linux”

  1. Swizz69

    The Linux community should take this as a compliment. Linux clearly has its feet under the table. I started my non-microsoft affair dumping Explorer for Firefox. It was the start of a slippery slope and its brill!!!

  2. cameron

    Surely, this cannot be TRUTH in news reporting. The great folks that work for the mighty “Microsoft”have no reason whatsoever to put out these ridiculous falsehoods.
    Why, just the thought of Brother Bill allowing his company to stoop so low as to resort to such misbehavior is utterly and entirely Ridiculous! This article is so grossly written out of context that as a Linux user I am so ashamed that I might just go back to using Windows. “Did I just say go back to Winn, Win, Wi,nnn doe, Oh shucks, who am I kidding. That will never, ever happen in my life time, but it was a thought”, glad it did not make much sense. Anyway,i am absolutely sure that supporters of this great software giant will attest to Microsofts good will in all its bussiness dealings. I would like to hear from the hoards of people that call and write in to Linux podcast worldwide proclaiming their faith for their beloved Microsoft while complaining about “Microsoft Bashing” from the podcasters and the Linux community listeners. I am very sure they will announce from the highest mountain tops, with clear and concise verbiage,the method of your madness,trickery and all out lies with this article. They will do this because this is the character of the Windows user. If in doubt, just ask one.

  3. Noah

    Hey guys, I’m sure that isn’t true. I seriously doubt that Microsoft would EVER use lies and deception to try and undermine linux. But did you know that the money linux gets is made by selling babies to communists??? While the good folks at Microsoft just make THEIR money by helping three legged puppies to reach their dreams!!!!!!!

  4. Jack

    I was in a Best Buy last week looking at laptops. Nice salesgirl walked up and I explained I was interested in replacing my 3 yr old Dell Latitude that too slow and currently running a Linux distro. Immediately she screws up her face and says, “I’m not a fan of Linux. No way.” I’m the curious sort, so I asked what she had against it. “There’s a whole lot of software it won’t run–Microsoft programs don’t work on them.” I said that was sort of the point, wasn’t it? Getting AWAY from MS? Plus, I said, the software is FREE, stable and plentiful. What more could you ask? “Oh, no”, she says. “We just had a training course here at the store with MS. The software isn’t free. Not at all. That’s a myth.” Hmmm, sez I. I just loaded 230 updates a few days ago after installing Mint, didn’t have to pay a penny. She wasn’t convinced. Oh, well. She didn’t sell a laptop to me.

  5. Michael Kargl

    haha well even if its old I had a really good laugh! Thanks for that. Well personally I just hope that this is a big fake because otherwise they should invest more money in research ;).
    That just cant be true ^^ Too much!

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