How Would You Change mintCast?

We have had a great 43 podcasts so far and we need your help to decide what it is you want to hear in the podcast. Please vote on the polls below to help us decide the future and direction of the podcast.

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35 Replies to “How Would You Change mintCast?”

  1. Jonas

    I found it difficult to find something to change. Side note, I was only able to choose one checkbox because of an error.

    I like that regular users are asked to be part of the show. I do like when industry or community project leaders are interviewed. It’s not a normal gesture of your show but I like that on other shows. If there was something to add, that would be a nice addition every once in a while.

  2. Jess

    Linux Mint is such a great Linux experience out of the box, its great to just hear how you guys use it & what you find interesting in the new releases. Also how I can use Mint to interface with my other gear like my Android phone & Media Centre would be cool.

    – jess

    • Rothgar

      We absolutely agree with you that the audio quality needs to improve but from what we can tell the audio breakdown currently is from our recording method and not our mics. I am curious if your find the quality of an earlier episode (somewhere around episode 10-12) better. Back in those recordings we used audacity to record and merged the files manually. We used the same mics we do today but quality was way better. The biggest downside was Charles or myself had to edit the podcast for 3-4 hours to line up the files and make sure they stayed synced, and then edit out any mistakes so it became a burden to actually produce the podcast. Neither one of us wanted that burden so we settled on talksoe which has worse quality but the editing is much less of a burden. Thank you for the feedback, we are still lookin for other solutions that will give us better quality and not consume our weekends.

  3. DJ Dual Core

    The Kendall Weaver interview was great. More developer interviews, or interviews with other IT professionals, would be cool, I think.

    The other thing I would expand would be news analysis. As you rightly pointed out in 44 there are lots of other sources for news, but what I find interesting and informative is when you share what you think Linux news and announcements mean to you…and my extension, what it may mean for others.

  4. Rick

    Tried to vote, but locked up on the first question. you guys do great. I have been using Mint for a little over 2 years now. Since Linux 9 I have started having problems with my machine freezing, I’m looking at maybe jumping to Debian version. I would like to see a review of Linux Mint Debian and perhaps some hints on switching from Ubuntu based Linux to Debian based. Highlighting the differences, challenges, and advantages. Love the How to segments. Question and answers is good also. Keep up the great work!

  5. Jim Barber

    It was not easy choosing just one in #1, hot topics was my choice but web site of the week is an excellent topic, one I have not heard on other shows much if at all.

    I would like to a Q&A section as well. I am learning Python and sometimes I have a question I cannot find an answer to.


  6. Cameron Threats

    I love Linux and Linux Mint is no doubt a fantastic distro that i use everyday. I would love to see a segment of the podcast given to the KDE desktop. I understand that the shows host are not fond of KDE and perhaps there are valid reasons for their choice, not to mention that is Linux Mint is Gnome based, but KDE is getting better an better with every release.
    I currently use both Gnome and KDE but have been and prefer KDE as i have used it since i first started using Linux with Suse 6.1 The distro creator Clem has graciously included a KDE version as well as XFCE and Fluxbox, and Mintcast should follow his lead. There are many KDE users including myself who would love to here more about our beloved desktop. Besides, with Ubuntu being hailed by many as the de facto standard of Linux today and being a Gnome centric distro as well, not much love is given to KDE. If Charles can learn and report on Arch Linux (And congrats to Charles on his quest as well as the gumption to learn a different Linux flavor) surely he or any one of the other talented guest or co host on the show can bring that same vigor to the KDE desktop.

    P.S. Charles, as you delve into the wonders known as Arch Linux , i ask you this question. Are you now feeling like a REAL MAN? 🙂

  7. ballPointPenguin

    I am a new listener and I love the show. I’m kind of a linux fanboy. I’m a beta user. I like to experiment with new releases of all the different distros and am always trying to figure out what separates and overlaps between them. I appreciate the scope of the MintCast in that you often cover ground beyond just Linux Mint (Ubuntu, Peppermint, Debian stuff, etc, etc.) What I’d like more of? Tips & tricks. TWiG, for example, always has a tip of the week, too often dealing with GMail or maybe Android. A BASH or Mint tip of the week would be great. Also: reviews of GNome and KDE applications would be really cool too. Compare FSpot vs. Shotwell for example. Keep it up, thanks!

  8. Steve

    I understand your concerns about the show and pleased you caught up with Linux Reality – that was a great show!
    Every show must find its own character.
    Yours must include the things that make Linux Mint different and news.
    Apart from that my own preference is for the kind of how-to show, but the fact is I mostly listen whilst driving and so if this show is to work – much of the detail needs to be in show notes and links.
    Your homework idea is a new one though Going Linux a favourite of mine does do a beginners and an advanced show which kinda gives you a chance to try the more simple stuff then move to more advanced.
    I would avoid rants unless there’s a positive twist – ie what can you do about it – start a campaign? point to a workaround, learn scripting (or even programming (Engadget was so full of rants it became pointless)
    I think you should mix it up perhaps have a rolling variety of shows (like Going Linux – though they do have a more frequent schedule to play with which is a big ask).
    I’d love a kind of “Group Test” thing for different ways to do the same tasks.
    Oh and well done Rothgar for holding out for WebOS, I came to Palm late in the day, can’t see them winning against Android and the others any time soon but I’m rooting for them too.

  9. FrankR

    Just discovered your show, off the Linux Link Tech show podcast listing, and plan to catch up with your podcast. Looking forward to it. One Mint question that I’d like to hear your opinion on is: “Why is the Mint Debian distro a DVD?” Doesn’t that confine it’s use to newer machines, or is it just that its still “beta” and will change once it formally released?

    • Sonic4Spuds

      I currently have LMD as a CD ISO and have used it successfully. As far as I know there are two versions for download (might be wrong), CD and DVD.

  10. tcv

    I am a brand-new listener and an avid podcast listener. Perhaps my comments will be constructive?

    First of all, I just can’t hear you guys well enough. I realize that this is probably quite personal. I listen to podcasts in the car and I don’t have a car that’s tops in blocking road noise. Alas, I find it really tough to hear you guys. My favorite podcast is Cheap Ass Gamer and they have posted their podcast production notes. You may want to check it out. At the very least, simply increasing the volume on the show would help wonders.

    Secondly, I’d like more Mint-specific content. The two shows I’ve heard were about cron and Ubuntu 10.10. These are worthy topics, but I’d really like a Mint section, something that highlights the distro in some way, even if it’s a user success story.

    Third, you didn’t offer this in your options, I’d love to hear a Linux technical support section. I don’t mean to turn this into a question/answer forum. Rather, I’d like you to highlight a support story that’s already come to resolution. If it’s using Mint, all the better!

    Fourth, I’d love it if you guys could increase your back-and-forth. It’s pretty clear you guys know each other, but I often expected more conversation between you two. Rather it comes across like monologues. Of course, if that’s what you want to do, then good!

    I hope this wasn’t too negative. I’ll continue to listen! I’m trying to add a Linux-based podcast to my regular weekly listening.

  11. Brian

    I am a fairly new listener to the podcast. I think that the show is presented in a nice way BUT there is far, far too too much superfluous information. On the last show it would have been possible to cut the show down to about 10-15 minutes and still conveyed the relevant information.
    I would say that if the material is not available for the podcast just cut it short.

  12. Kevin Wisher

    Hey Guys,

    Any progress on improving the audio quality? The last show you mentioned something about problems with TeamSpeak?? Maybe you could talk about your issues and what solutions you are looking into??

    keep up the great show.

  13. Sweet William

    How about not commenting on Windows. You obviously know nothing about it and your idiotic comments just say “Linux users are so dumb they’ll believe this BS”.

    I use Linux Mint and I don’t want to be lumped in with a bunch of mindless cretins because of that.

    Grow up children!

  14. Jared Sot

    Hey Mintcast! I very much enjoy your podcast! been listening since the beginning! Anyway I think your current format is very great! I do think teamspeak would do wonders for the audio quality thats the only area that I would make significant changes. I’m not sure if you guys have ever used it? a few episodes back I recall better audio quality. either way I’m still a avid listener.

    I also agree with the votes for a technology rant section!
    It would be awesome to hear Charles and Rothgar rant about any technology they feel like! I can just see Rothgar ranting on Web-os and how awesome it is! 🙂

    Great podcast guys keep up the great work!

    • Rothgar

      Thanks for the comment. I just submitted a bug to the Linux Mint team to update the feed to the new feedburner URL. For some reason rhythumbox doesn’t forward the URL like it is supposed to.

  15. JH

    Love the show…

    I want to hear about Linux on PCs, but NOT on phones so much. Many other linux podcasts put a lot of time into the latest phones, and it gets pretty old. Folks don’t switch phones every month, but we do really like to tinker around with our Linux installations…that’s my 2cents; leave the mobile phone for other shows.

  16. Nathan Lytikainen

    Suggestions –

    – Stick to a theme
    – Less personal chit chat
    – Talk more about linux mint & not so much about other distro’s because you are connected to linux mint by the name of your cast
    – What programs work well in mint or not work well – how can one support mint
    – Searchable shownotes
    – Interview on how different desktops work what are the differences
    – Your own experience using differnt versions like debian mint or lxde mint
    – Outline your presentation
    – Introduction (based on subject of your theme)
    – Know the objective of you presentation
    – Divide presentation with main points (stick to your objective)
    – Conclusion review & encourage action as to your abjective

  17. Sonic4Spuds

    I personally don’t mind the comments about windows. They can prove helpful for people who have recently switched from windows.

    Also I think they could provide good incite for developers looking for what to improve in linux. Would love to hear a down to earth short segment on programming, maybe not every episode. Would like to start development on a gtk based image tager/browser with integration with GIMP and Scribus, but have no idea on where to start as I have never programmed before.

    I also like the idea of tip and program of the week added to the website of the week.

  18. henry dubb

    What I’d like most of all is a Mint Cast not a general technology podcast. There are lots of podcasts out there, and one that primarily focuses on Mint would be a great addition.

    I really don’t care for the rants especially if they are not Mint based.

    I wouldn’t mind a shorter more focused Mintcast. Many linux podcasts are too long.

    There should be some way to bring the audience in more. If not though chat maybe something simple like a dentcast of sorts.That of course would imply doing it live which may not be feasible.

    But, you could do something like a Mint question or problem of the week that comes from user questions. Maybe like I am running Mint in Debian how do I get Rhythm Box to work.

  19. Avetik

    First of all, thanks for the podcast! Naturally, all of the things in life we enjoy most are free for us to enjoy. I do enjoy your work, so many thanks!

    I second henry dubb’s earlier comment: more stuff and less fluff would improve quality of this broadcast and attract more listeners (and supporters). Some episodes (like that interview with 13-year old) should have been cut in half at least, keeping the essential portions. The guy should grow up and learn how to talk to adults: he didn’t seem to know the manners.

    Entertainment?.. I would condense it to 10% of the show. News? Of course, whether it is Mint or Slax or Fedora it is still all about Linux, and thus useful info. Comparing Linux to Windows? I wouldn’t dwell on that topic too much: that horse is obviously sick and is dying a slow painful death 😉

    Lastly, letters to editor, questions-answers, all this interactive stuff would make your broadcast simply delicious.

    Best of luck to all of you and, once again, thanks!

  20. Marv IN

    Hi, I’m new to this podcast but for me it’s not so much a complaint with your podcast as much as it is my problem with following podcasts – it’s too hard.

    In this day of information overload where even normal RSS feeds are overwhelming it would be nice if you have an annual table of contents for which podcast episode contain which data. Just a simple link/page on that sidebar pointing out to any newbie what has been conversed before or even at least re-organizing old podcasts and creating a series of packs for future visitors.

    Transcripts would also be awesome but I’m not sure how easy or hard it is for you guys to do it. Finally maybe more priority on categories and less on tags or maybe provide bookmark sets but again this is mostly a comment not on your podcast but on most podcast for those of us who can’t keep up with listening to them daily.

  21. Dave

    I love Mintcast and I really like hearing about the latest developments in Mint distributions. I do think you have a few sound quality issues, but that could easily be solved by buying some good microphones. Also (and this is not meant in a mean way), I wish the Canadian guy would speak up a bit and not mumble so much. Sorry.

  22. Caddi

    I have been using Linux mint since Mint5 and still struggle with the command line, so may not be your average listener. I listen whilst driving in the car and on occasions listen twice if I am not following it fully. Your podcasts have inspired me to try new things as well as to listen to other podcasts.

    One of the things I like about the podcasts is their inclusiveness; they feel part of the community. It is best when the various podcasters start talking between each other, especially if they are interested in the item.

    I am fairly new to Android and am happy to hear a little on phones, but not too much (but then, when is it too much, you might ask.)

    I would really love to hear from Clem and the others – is there any chance of interviewing those who are working on updates and upgrades, for us to hear what they are working on and the difficulties that they have.

    The audio quality may not always be perfect, I accept that.

    I am also pleased that the website has the links with information from the cast, but am greedy – would like more.

    All in all I think you do a great job, and I thank you for it.


  23. Max

    Just listened to the “The Linux Link Tech Show” podcast interview with Clem and even though it was a good interview the audio was terrible. It was much worst than any “Mintcast” podcast. If you ask me the TLLTS podcast is an example on how not to do a podcast. I recently started to listen to their podcast and its more or less 15-20 minutes of useful info and 2 hours of useless crap.

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