Episode 96: TWWL Redux


  • Suicide Linux – for those who like to live on the edge. (qntm.org) And a related topic for those who don’t. (archlinux.org)

The Main Topic: The Wonderful World of Linux Redux

Featured Website: Cinnamon!

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13 Replies to “Episode 96: TWWL Redux”

  1. Sean

    Firstly, thanks for looking at Dreckig, it has taken a lot of work to get it up and running, it is nice to see others have an interest in it.
    Actually, the file system is not embedded in the kernel. I just said that this architecture has no need for a file system since everything is in one file, but it does currently support FAT12.
    Oh, and tomorrow I am putting out the newest release, with the starts of a GUI.

  2. merelyjim

    I may end up eating my words if Cinnamon sky-rockets to heights of new usability and standards, but my first reaction to the news is that there’s yet another desktop is we need this like a hole in the head.

    Good show, though. Nice to hear from you* again.

  3. Charlie

    Enjoyed the show as always.

    Cinnamon looks good but the Linux Mint Devs are already overstretched. I use LXDE because I have a need for speed. It’s been nearly two months since the the Ubuntu 11.10 release and still no sign of LXDE (and only a glimmer of the KDE version) so I’m using Lubuntu.

    Most of the distributions you listed don’t seem to have any benefits over Linux Mint. It would nice to hear some pro’s and con’s in comparison with Linux Mint. LUBUNTU and hopefully soon LM 12 LXDE is faster, more stable and increases your productivity although it doesn’t have all of the ‘out of the box’ whistles and bells of LM12.

  4. menders

    I am listening to episode 96 and I have a correction. If you hit the super key and type chr Chrome is then listed on the right of the menu. Then you down arrow and it will then highlight and you hit enter to start it. You do not need to reach for the mouse.

  5. Charlie

    With all these new “lenses” coming out for Unity, plus their new TV, it makes me want to give Unity another go. I think the only thing that put me off Unity was that it wasn’t easy to see which applications were open. I don’t remember any other issues. NO! I must not be tempted, I’m happy with Lubuntu.
    Is there a support group or hotline, maybe Distro Hopers Anonymous, to help me control these urges.
    If there was such a thing your podcast would be on the banned list for promoting temptation.

  6. Beardy Jesse

    Hi guys, great show and glad to have you back after the break. It sounds like you find similar enjoyment as I do by going onto distrowatch and picking a random distro to try, just to see what it’s like (I found an excellent distro called Peppermint this way, but I digress).

    I have found that the bundled software of distributions varies wildly and have tried to make a ‘minimal’ install using the Ubuntu alternative CD and performing a command line install. Even this way, however, I have found software will be installed. For example when installing an LXDE desktop environment ontop of the basic Ubuntu system ($ sudo apt-get install lxde) it comes with programs! Do you know of a way, or a distro you have come across in your travels, that comes with literally nothing pre-installed ontop of the basics you need for networking, mouse support and such?

    Keep up the excellent work, Jesse

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