Episode 60: Gareth McCumskey Interview

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  • 0:25:48 Gareth McCumskey Interview

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  • 1:15:44 Use imagemagick to quickly batch resize multiple images from the command line.  First install imagemagick “sudo apt-get install imagemagick”.  Then move to the directory containing the images you want to convert and run the following command: for i in $( ls *.jpg); do convert -resize 50% $i re_$i; done. You could choose a different percentage if so desired, or even specify a specific ratio of say 640 x 480 if wanted.

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  • 1:17:44 Feedback from our AWESOME listeners.

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8 Replies to “Episode 60: Gareth McCumskey Interview”

  1. Ben

    Hey guys, I always enjoy listening to your podcasts at work. This is the first time I found myself always checking your site if there are any new podcasts to listen to. I never seem to get enough or get tired of you guys talk about mint and linux in general. Keep up the good work and more power, cheers!

  2. Laedlin

    Hey Guys,

    I like the show. I never listened to it before you guys took over, so I can’t comment on that. You guys asked for feedback in this episode. I loved the CLI tutorial, it didn’t really help me much but I am all for detailed help for new Linux users. I would love to see more CLI stuff. Maybe something more about how to use the keyboard more in place of the mouse? I seem to remember you guys mentioning aliases in one episode.

    I am not sure if this podcast is aimed at new users. If it is, you all may want to consider some solution for higher level techincal jargon you use. This can be terribly confusing for new people coming from Windows or Mac. I think Harrison had some typical newbie questions about Gnome 3 in this episode. I don’t recall you guys saying anything more than “the gnome shell sits on top” in past episodes, but I could be wrong. I can understand how frustrating it would be to always define these terms every time you use them. Perhaps it would be possible to have a glossary or FAQ that explains the things you see people often asking about.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Inie

      I have to agree because of the interest expressed over command line stuff. Give the people what they want and replace Linux “news of the week” with Linux basics and more explanations of filesystem hierarchy, navigation, cli backup etc… reasons for this and that type stuff. There are lots of news of the week’s already out there and it seems to me a more unserviced avenue to take as far as podcasts are concerned.

      • BostonPeng

        I have to disagree with you, Inie. I love the Linux news segment. I don’t have much online time each week (don’t ask, it’s a long story that makes me more despresses with each telling) and I love knowing that mintCast will make sure I see the stories that I most need to hear about each week. Since I no longer use Ubuntu I don’t get the ‘ubntu casts anymore, especially since Full Circle’s is so bloody hard to listen to.

        Although I’d love a newbie tips segment if it were added. You’d be surprised how much stuff you missed when you got started.

        • Inie

          Maybe “replace” should have been “shift emphasis to” instead, there is room for both and I hear you on time constraints, it’s just that I have already listened to or read “the news” five times before I get Mintcast so it seems kind of labored. A favorite of mine for unattached news is Distrowatch for example.
          As to things I missed when beginning Linux I would openly admit I’m far from advanced and would enjoy more information on the reasoning behind what we do when using it. I can piece things together much better when I can reason the changes out in my head instead of just being given information and I think others would benefit alongside myself. Permissions for example would be something that I see people having a lot of trouble with when starting out, that combined with the fact Mint is a first landing spot for potential assets (sent more than a couple this way myself) I think topics like this give a little more potential for growth than things already being covered elsewhere in podcasts.

          Totally agree on Full Circle btw.

  3. Ron Rieves

    I liked your tip this week, I have the same problem uploading pictures to Facebook. To do a batch resize I open the folder I want to resize in terminal and use convert -resize 600 *.JPG small.JPG. This converts the pictures to an easily uploadable size and changes the name to small with a number sequence behind the word small. By changing the name it allows me to upload the small pictures and keep the original untouched pictures on my computer. When I am done uploading I just delete the “small” series.I use this so often that I created an alias called pic.
    Thanks for both tips.

  4. madwoollything

    Great show and I particularly like discussion on Mint topics. For example the discussion of LMDE in the last podcast.

    I’ve been using LMDE on my netbook and laptop for a couple of months and have been impressed with its reliability. I was considering putting this on other computers within my household until my laptop completely locked up after some of the April updates. I’m still trying to figure out the solution but have to say that the Mint forums are excellent in providing ideas and suggestions.

    Your discussion helped me to better understand the underpinnings of LMDE and why perhaps I should use it myself on my own devices (where breakage is only a problem to me). Maybe it would be best to stick with the main Mint editions for other family members.

    Anyway …. keep up the excellent work and I appreciate the effort that goes into making Mintcast!

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