Episode 59: LXDE with Kendall Weaver

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  • 0:35:56 LXDE with Kendall Weaver

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  • “sudo pm-suspend” to suspend in any Debian based systems even if the window manager doesn’t have a button for it, or doesn’t support suspend.

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13 Replies to “Episode 59: LXDE with Kendall Weaver”

  1. sorin7486

    So you guys actually took the bate on “The Canterbury Project” ??? Also big companies are organized my ass. Most of them are incredibly innefficient in their own way, and the only reason they’re still around is because of their size.

  2. michael conner

    Hi there,

    pm-suspend is by no means a debian-specific command. It belongs to the “pm-utils” package, which is part of the freedesktop.org project: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/

    I use pm-suspend and pm-hibernate from the command-line on Slackware. I’ve actually not encountered a distro where the pm-utils package was not installed by default or available from the repositories.

    btw, I met Rob and Charles this weekend at Texas Linux Fest. Hope you guys enjoyed the event!

    • Rob


      Thanks for the info on pm-suspend and the link to freedesktop.org.

      I did enjoy the TXLF event and met some fascinating people (like yourself!).

  3. The Dude

    Guys, that made a really bad impretion, as open as openSUSE, as simple as Arch, and as Stable as Debian.
    If you have ever used ANY of these distroes, and i can personally say i have used all of them, and omg, if your not gonna have people that know linux, to talk about linux, this is a dead project, i was really hopefull here, and you guys just self burned yourself.
    A neckbeard is not optional in such a radio program

    • Rob

      The Dude,

      Well, the whole point of a good April Fools prank is that it’s believable. This was a pretty good prank (if you took the time to read it carefully). They are always easier to spot after the fact.

      If your standard is perfection and omniscience, then you’re bound to be disappointed because we’re neither. This is not a podcast of wizards bestowing their knowledge on the unwashed masses!

      We’re Linux Mint users of varying experience levels. I suspect many of our listeners are as well. If you’re looking for a bunch of uber-wizards you’re in the wrong place. Move along.

      Oh, and by the way, it’s “impression” and “distros” while we’re on the topic of perfection and making a bad impression.


  4. Harrison

    Okay everyone Please STOP with the Canterbury project comments! PLEASE. We already feel bad that we didn’t spot this prank and please don’t make it worse!
    @The Dude: We thought this was a real project (now I’m really feeling silly/stupid!) and we read the blog post/article as it was. We couldn’t include the link because the post got deleted.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  5. dvc

    Yeah, it was a good one. I went for it too, until I later reflected on what it was called, and I had to call shenanigans on that one. But I frequented the Debian site to make sure it was a hoax 😛
    But all in all I think it made for a funny episode 🙂 thanks guys!

  6. dvc

    Been playing with LM-LXDE in virtualbox today, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. I have used Lubuntu and haven’t been pleased with the look and feel of the manager. But the LinuxMint implementation (as it always does) has polished LXDE to a palatable interface.

    I threw LM-XFCE on my netbook when the RC released (due to absence of fluxbox edition), and loved the smooth Mint interface, but the debian-base causes problems for my backlight management I have yet to correct (easy in ubuntu-base).

    So after changing some font-settings to polish the interface further (FreeSans has better AA-smoothing), I have been convinced to gice LXDE another shot on my resource-starved netbook.

    I was afraid that the Fluxbox edition was removed in favour of LXDE, so it was a relief to hear that it wasn’t so.

  7. Rick

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great work you guys do on the podcast. I started listening around episode 50 (when I initially switched to Linux), and I appreciate how you present the information in a manner that’s “user-friendly” to Linux newbies, much like the Mint distro itself.

    As far as your tutorial on the command line, I loved it! I know many long-time listeners wanted you to make it more advanced, but I would like to suggest to keep it simple. People like myself who have no prior knowledge of (or experience with) Linux have limited resources to turn to for help, and your podcast is a source of comfort and familiarity when wading into the uncharted waters of Linux. (By the way, my distro of choice is the newly released Xfce version of Mint.)

    Anyway, thanks again for the informative and entertaining podcast. I know a lot of work is involved behind the scenes to get the show out on a weekly basis, but it’s always something I look forward to, so I appreciate it.

  8. Inie

    I enjoyed the podcast, particularly the interview with Mr. Weaver. We get caught up in way too much soap opera junk and some feel obligated to talk about it just because everyone else is. Refreshing rebuff after hearing the same stuff repeated over and over based on some kind of obligation.

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