Episode 57: Justin’s IRC

News & Personal Updates

  • 0:02:17 Linux Mint 10 LXDE has been released
  • 0:19:36 Sebastian Nystrom, VP, head of MeeGo, Qt & WebKit at Nokia, has a great post on the QT Blog titled “QT and Digia, Facts and Fiction”, where he discusses the Digia purchase of Nokia’s Commercial QT segment and what it means to the QT Community.
  • 0:21:01 Firefox 4 has settled on March 22nd as the release day for this new version of the ever-popular browser.

Main Topic

  • 0:22:27 Justin interview

Website of the Week

Tip of the Podcast

  • 1:13:41 CTRL+R – search command history
  • 1:14:42 Use ^ to replace words in a command

Special Thanks From Justin

  • Clem – for giving me all the responsibilities I have today and trusting me with them
  • Ikey – for getting me to where I am today, for getting me the jobs I have and suggesting for me, along with being a positive force, an example, a great teacher, for listening to all my crazy ideas, and for being a great friend. I likely wouldn’t be here without your encouragement.
  • Archerseven – for teaching me a ton about IRC and being a great friend willing to work through the hardest of problems
  • Kuja – For taking an active role in administration and helping us whenever we need it
  • Steely – For being one of the greatest supporters of us and never turning his back no matter the difficulty, along with encouraging us to always do the right thing
  • Suhana – For reminding me that BSD rocks and for teaching me to stand for best practices regardless of the consequences
  • rich_roast – For providing logic and reason even in the most difficult times
  • To all the other operators: Roin, gazza, proxima_centauri, linXea, Deadguy, Oscar799 – for being the best supporting staff I could ask for. You guys truly rock and are an inspiration to everyone around you.
  • Remain the community and giving nature that exists within Linux Mint.
  • Thank you all, it’s been a wonderful ride.

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11 Replies to “Episode 57: Justin’s IRC”

  1. Ikey Doherty

    Very kind words justin, you don’t need to thank me,
    that time ended a long time ago and I’ve needed your
    help and support a thousand times since.
    Time and time again you’ve proven yourself a true
    friend, proud to have worked with you 🙂
    Keep up the good work sham, got a lot of faith in you

  2. Intio

    More Justin please! His CLI tutorials really suit beginners, I can almost hear him with his own tutorials podcast for CLI.

  3. MountainDrew

    Congrats Justin! just found this through twitter and seems pretty awesome so far! Haven’t been on IRC much lately… I should go on today…

  4. Laedlin

    I can’t seem to figure out how to get on the IRC. Xchat wants a “Network” first? I seem to be missing this information somehow, I seem to be the only one unable to connect. I have tried irc.spotchat.org, spotchat, SpotChat. I even looked up Spotchat with google and found some listing for it but it neglects to give a Network.

    What am I missing? God I am dense, lol.

    • Rob


      Not dense at all. We all tend to assume we’re being clear when we’re really not!

      The URL for the SpotChat server (or “Network”)is: irc.spotchat.org, port 6667

      If you’re using XChat, then this will be entered into the server as irc.spotchat.org/6667. If you’re using XChat on a Linux Mint installation, then the Network will be already set up with the name “Linux Mint Server”. (Maybe that’s why you couldn’t use “irc.spotchat.org” — it was already there!)

  5. Laedlin

    Hey Rob, thanks for the reply,

    When I try that I get:

    * Looking up newserver
    * Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?

    I get this no matter what I try to do.
    I am on ubuntu because my Mint isn’t working. Hence my wanting to contact help chat.

    I am striking out all weekend with linux it seems. I have tried to get mint running, install firefox4 on ubuntu, install a gamepad, and get clamav to actually update and get the latest virus updates. I have failed at all of them. Nothing seems to ever work for me with linux. I have read countless webpages and tutorials, but they never work. Every time I get to a part where I have to put code into the command line, things go ok for a couple lines then everything fails. I always get different output than is listed on these tutorials. Every time.

    I just don’t understand why everything has to be so difficult. I have a buddy that has tried debian and fedora with similar results. He has given up completely. I really am determined to get linux running in some form, but it seem impossible. It is just constant problems with everything that isn’t already included in the install.

    I appreciate the reply but I am just so frustrated with all this. I hate saying it but windows is always so much simpler. I feel stupid spending hours and hours trying to do something in linux that is like 5 mouseclicks in windows.

  6. Laedlin

    For anyone else having trouble with xchat:

    You have to click “Add” next to the “Network” list and put in irc.spotchat.org.

    Then click “Edit”.

    Next to the “Servers for irc.spotchat.org” click Edit again.
    Now type in irc.spotchat.org/6667 again.

    Then click close.

    This did not work for me at first. I had to repeat the whole process again before it would actually save the irc.spotchat.org/6667 on the second window.

    I hope this helps any other lost newbs like me out there.

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