Episode 55: LibreOffice and A New How-To

News & personal updates

  • Clem updates us on the status of some seemingly misinforming articles on the status of Gnome Shell in Katya.
  • Plus a bit of chatter on Nokia and the Microsoft! http://bit.ly/g5EYW1

Main Topic

  • LibreOffice
  • How-to with JALU

Websites of the Week

Tip of the Podcast

  • Here is another quick way to “sudo” your last command in the command promt.
  • Simply type sudo !!

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8 Replies to “Episode 55: LibreOffice and A New How-To”

  1. Charlie

    Excellent show. I even enjoyed the command line tutorial even though I feel the command line is now something prehistoric. The evolution of computers & technology is a path to maximum intuitivity and minimal human interaction. Good knowledge of the command line sadly still carries some prestige yet this respect is generally comes mainly from other dinosaurs. Many people still think Linux is a difficult OS to learn simply because of undying loyalty to, what should be, an extinct input system.

    • Inie

      I began typing a long diatribe and then started over. Here is the short copy. People are still going to be at the base of it getting machines to do their will and I simply don’t trust people. If you do then great, keep right on clicking but remember that someone has to check all that code and then a lot of people “click” it having no idea what is actually happening. Given human history I see people being dumbed down and eventually being controlled like animals. That’s why individuality and knowing what is really going on… personally OWNING your own sh*t is so important. Without it we are just pigs at a trough.

  2. Scott

    In listener feed back Scott made a reference to a French multiboot iso to usb tool. I can not find it with my feeble google skills. Please post a link to the unetbootin multiboot alternative.

    Also, thanks for encouraging polite discourse.



  3. Keith Felgemacher

    Thanks again for a great show. I really appreciated the command line tutorial. I’m inspired to take on more command line. Keep up the great work. You guys convinced me in making a donation. Looking forward to the next show.

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