Episode 50: Interview with Clem Lefebvre

Charles and Rothgar’s final episode is the long-awaited interview with Clement Lefebvre, creator and maintainer of Linux Mint.

News & personal updates

0:01:23 This is the last episode for Rothgar and Charles. A new team is gearing up to continue producing the podcast.
0:03:02 Rothgar (Justin Garrison) attended CES, and wrote articles detailing the best and worst of CES.
0:03:22 Rothgar will be speaking at the Southern California Linux Expo in February.

Interview with Clem Lefebvre

0:04:47 Interview

Web site of the week

1:16:36 Linux Mint
Linux Mint Community

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13 Replies to “Episode 50: Interview with Clem Lefebvre”

  1. Joe1

    Great talk about Linux Mint! The interview with Clem was very insightful. Thank you Clem for giving us such a great OS!

    Thanks for all the hard work Charles & Rothgar (and the others); hope to hear you back soon.

    Looking forward to the next episode with the new team!

  2. itbcn8

    Gr8 interview! 😀 Awesome to hear from Clem. Awesome job.

    It’s my first time listening to mintcast (saw a link to it on twitter yesterday). I will be a regular, too bad Charles & Rothgar that this is your last, you guys did a standup job!

  3. Bruce R

    The Clem Lefebvre interview provided useful confirmation of his brilliant approach to LinuxMint development.
    Regarding a ‘Restore’ capability, when ext3 was in widespread use, Kurt Fitzner’s WinXP-hosted SelfImage had a very easy-to-use GUI interface and worked well, but didn’t work with ext4 and other changes to Linux.
    I now use Live Clonezilla-40 to snapshot 64-bit Mint10 installs. It takes some learning to use, but better maps to different screens than earlier versions of Clonezilla, working well on a second generation netbook’s 1024×600 screen or on a desktop’s 1920×1200 screen.

  4. ro@st

    Many thanks to Charles and Rothgar for all your entertaining and informative podcasts. I think it’s a shame you’re leaving the podcast team and I hope to hear from you again.

  5. mockturtl

    I’ve learned from you guys. The Mint ecosphere, and the bazaar generally, are better for your contribution.

    Thanks, and best of luck. Here’s to freedom and elegance. *drinks*

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