Episode 41: IRC

News & personal updates

0:01:20 Rothgar has moved to new house

0:07:11 Charles has new Android phone

0:22:38 Charles’ happy place – surrounded by Linux
Salus Massage

0:24:27 Rothgar tries Fedora 13, with weird results

0:27:57 Trying out other distros: Gentoo, Slackware

0:28:47 Arch Linux

0:29:34 Chakra GNU/Linux

0:32:26 Linux Mint based on Debian

0:43:28 IRC

Linux Mint Chat rooms

Beginners guide

IRC Clients
XChat-Gnome (Default)
Chatzilla (Firefox plugin)

Web site of the week

1:31:28 RUTE
Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition

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5 Replies to “Episode 41: IRC”

  1. shane

    Nice episode guys!

    Arch is a great distro… I am one of ‘those guys’ who fell in love with Arch. The first few times I installed Arch I botched the install pretty bad and ended up back on Mint. But on the 4th try or so, I got the installation down and since then I haven’t found a need to try another distro as my main one.

    For people new to Arch I think this the best review to get a feel of what Arch is all about.


  2. James Cain

    Hi guys. Just a quick heads-up that most every KDE-based distro, including Kubuntu and Mint KDE, uses Quassel for the default IRC application. It’s really good! It can even be configured easily in a client-server mode for those of us on the fly much of the time.

    Keep up the good work,
    James (dequire in the Mint Forums)

  3. Mellowcow

    If you have your eyes on Arch Linux, don’t try – do!
    For two years I didn’t dare to touch Arch even though it had peeked my interest. A week ago, I put two days into it and it works beautifully since. Pacman, ABS, as well as having control over what’s installed on your system from start is a huge incentive for a switch. Don’t worry, the only other distros I ever used were SuSE, Ubuntu, and Mint. All you need is basic knowledge about commands and patience to follow the Beginners’ Guide step by step.

  4. Caddi

    I really enjoyed this today, listening in my car.

    I used to use IRC all the time a couple of years ago though I seldom do now. FYI the ‘no pm without permission’ refers to the ban on messaging other people without first asking for permission in channel. This aims to stop the HNGs (Horny net geeks) who frequent chatrooms and tend to message any person with a vaguely feminine name, asking ASL and making obscene suggestions – ‘trolling’!

    I am working my way through your podcasts and am about to instal peppermint on my netbook.

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