Episode 28: User Interview with Art Vanderhoff

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No episode January 3 — mintCast will return January 17.

LastPass password manager

Linux Mint 8 x64 released

Office 2003 Rights Management Bug Locks up Files

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ARS Technica


Window Roll-up in Mint and Ubuntu

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4 Replies to “Episode 28: User Interview with Art Vanderhoff”

  1. Marc

    Hey Rothgar,
    You sound much like me. Not liking to have the same wallpaper for very long. Have you seen wallpaper-tray.
    It’s a wallpaper changing application that runs in the background changing wallpaper at whatever intervals you tell to. Every few minutes, login or once a day. However you want. I love it. Give it a look. http://planetearthworm.com/projects/wp_tray/
    I have found though that version 0.5.5 in the repositories doesn’t work with 9.10. I’ve stuck with 0.4.6

    • Matt

      KDE has had that as a default option since forever! I use Unity right now though. Since Mandriva are garbage these days! Mint is a beautiful OS though. I produced my last instrumental album on Mint 11, much love for Mint!

  2. ian

    Really enjoyed your interview with Art …. great questions & learnt some new things I was not aware of ….. do pass on my thanks to Art.

  3. Pops

    Was listening to your podcast. Windows 3.1 came out with Z-248’s. I was using them and instructing on WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1 in the Navy back in 1989.

    Of course, I started back in the mainframe age, 1972 on COBOL.

    Currently, run Linux Mint 7 and 8 with Fedora on another HD.

    Have a great day from Mont Belvieu.

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