Episode 27: GRUB

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Visual Tour of GNOME 3 Shell

GIMP to be removed from Lucid

Another reason to use Linux – avoid jail time

Original name for Linux

Boot loaders

Comparison of boot loaders


Multiboot from a USB key

Web site of the week

Desktop Nexus


Launch programs in Mint using just the keyboard by following these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Super (on a Windows keyboard, hold Ctrl and press the Windows key)
  2. Once the menu is open, start typing either the name or part of the description of the program you want to launch
  3. Select the program with the up/down cursor arrows
  4. Press Enter


A Stick of Mint

Did Microsoft patent Sudo?
Perhaps not
Todd Miller’s response

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5 Replies to “Episode 27: GRUB”

  1. Hedgehog

    Hmm.. Regarding the UUID in grub, to my knowledge that is used instead of the device path to the partition because if you add or remove partitions from your harddrive the paths gets renamed (but the UUID stays the same) so that grub still can boot your system when the partitions change. Regarding UUID in grub as a counter virus thing that is probably not a big security fix because the UUID:s can easily be seen in fstab for example (as is also noticed in the podcast..)

  2. victor

    in 40_custom, it is not clear if you can dictate all menu options from there. I could not figure out to edit the settings for the available options as they were, and I was hoping that this would clarify if making a new entry in 40_custom would overide the other entry, or if I would end up with two different entries for the same thing I wanted slightly different. Am trying to get the kernel to run noapic.

    • Rothgar

      Adding entries to 40_custom will only add extra items to GRUB and will not overwrite the default options. The main entry would still exist and any further options you add to 40_custom will just show up at the bottom.

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