Episode 125: Lets Jump Windows


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  • Leaving Windows in the Dust

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16 Replies to “Episode 125: Lets Jump Windows”

  1. Cycledoc

    Enjoyed your discussion. Agree Linux is a great concept, the problem is that the efforts are diffused by the many many distros. All have some issues even with the latest hardware. One needs to have some technical skills, motivation and williness to play with a linux distro to get it to work right. Even with that, there are continual small glitches that are at least bothersome.

    To me, Linux will not fully replace my other OS’s, (one with Mac and this one a dual boot Win7/Mint 13 Cinnamon. Why? First, I can’t borrow audiobooks from the library because Overdrive software doesn’t offer a Mint/Linux compatible software. Second, you can’t stream with netflix or comcast with Linux. Such streaming on any given evening may be as much as 25-30% of bandwidth use in the U.S. Amazon Prime seems to work for some people, others have problems. What I’m saying until a distro can do what OS10 and Wndows 7 can do, even enthusiasts will have to hedge their bets.

  2. merelyjim

    I played with EyeOS in the past, and was curious about ChromeOS, but came to the conclusion it wasn’t going to work for me when I tried logging-in on a different network. I got a nasty 404 page telling me that said website violated their policy for on-line data-storage, and file transfers. (There’s a lot to be said for local storage.)
    I suspect this would happen pretty frequently in most companies where data is a sensitive matter. Certainly no one wants to be like Sony last year, getting hacked every other day for weeks. Better to lock things down tight and tell employees to write it down on a piece of paper.
    Curiously, while I was locked out of EyeOS, and Google Docs, I could access Microsoft SkyDrive and the MS Office WebApps therein. Got my document written, printed out, and saved once I figured this out… If one door is locked, another might be wide open.

    Oh, and I suspect that GnomeOS is going to be wildly popular and “the best Operating System EVER” by the 5 or 6 devs who work on the thing. The rest of us? Um… not so much.

    Good podcast. Thanks for putting it out there!

  3. chattr

    no one in irc atm to notify, so posting here that the .ogg for ep 125 still hasn’t shown up in the rss feed. Sat Aug 4 12:54:01 EDT 2012

  4. MikeC

    I have no idea what happened to my feed (downloaded from iTunes) but at around the 55 minute mark it sounded like there were two different tracks being played at the same time and it was, frankly, unlistenable.

    But, even before then I really wasn’t getting into the screed-like nature of the ‘discussion’ about how Linux should have taken over the desktop market. The fact is that Microsoft will always be the significant player in that space because they play hardball with hardware manufacturers, whether its in the form of basing their license fees on the sheer number of boxes sold regardless of the OS installed on them or forcing hardware makers to adopt the UEFI standard under the pretext that it will make for a more secure computing environment, when in fact it will have the practical effect of freezing out any OS that doesn’t play ball with them (as Red Hat seems to be).

    No open source company will ever have that kind of muscle. Not Red Hat, not Canonical, and surely none of the community-based distros will ever get anything other than a toe-hold. And while I hate to agree with the late Steve Jobs, desktop computing is increasingly irrelevant, though all the big players seem to think that with the advent of phones & tablets that computing is now all about content consumption rather than content generation. There will always be enough people who want/need to make things that will keep a strong need for a solid desktop environment. I just hope that a major software makers (and that includes the rightly derided Gnome foundation) realize this sooner than later.

  5. istok

    I’ve been listening to the show for some months and like it very much. I do have one pet peeve with it – don’t know if it’s been said this episode, but it’s often heard that Linux is for “hobbysts”, and that running it is some kind of “hobby”, all in all. This claim – beside playing a prominent part in the Microsoft FUD, is simply not true. Perhaps it once was, but certainly everyone *I* know runs Linux either to save (lots) of money and/or because it benefits them in some other, technical way. I know that’s not how Richard Stallman imagined it would be, but Linuxers are increasingly pragmatic folk and the OS is simply useful. Take me – I’m a journalist, run exclusively Linux for security and financial reasons, and my only hobby is sleeping in on a weekend.

  6. Dave

    Hey mintcast guys,

    Just listened to episode 125: Let’s Jump Windows. I’m sorry, but I do not feel that James should be allowed to solo on mintcast episodes anymore. This is perhaps the second or third time he has done so, and this episode was perhaps the worst. He rambled on too much and didn’t allow his co-host sufficient opportunity to speak. In fact, at one point in the podcast he went on and on and didn’t even notice that his co-host was off-line. James sometimes has interesting points to make, but he does need a considerable amount of balance and control to prevent him from coming off as someone who lacks the knowledge and maturity to give an intelligent and thoughtful opinion on the issues being discussed.
    I would also like to verify MikeC’s comment that the audio was off. There were actually at least 2 points in the podcast where there seemed to be multiple tracks being played at the same time. I realize you are not professional podcasters, but you really need to preview your feeds before you post them, as this is not the first time I have experienced audio problems with a downloaded episode.
    Other than the above comments, I really like the show and I hope to be able to continue listening to you as I feel your show does help me to get more out of using Linux and learn more in general about the OS. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • JamesC

      As far as the tracks being off, I’ll re-upload a fixed version as soon as I can.

      Dave I appreciate your honesty regarding my psychobabbling. I know that I tend to ramble, especially when to much coffee is involved in a recording. I think that I tend to more adequately compliment conversations when there is someone to debate points of comparison with and not strictly speaking solo. As far as preparation was concerned I’ll admit that the main topic for this particular episode was very briefly constructed and for that I do apologize as this, in my mind, was one of the main factors as to my seeming “lack of knowledge and maturity”.

      • Scott

        I think mintCast works best when all three regular hosts are present. Every time one of us has to do a solo show, it feels like pieces are missing. I apologize for missing so many shows lately. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

        • merelyjim

          Family first, work second, and all the rest third. We’ve all been called into work on that one day off when we’d rather be doing anything else. You get to do it for days at a time. Nothing to apologize for!
          While I’d like everyone to be there for every podcast, it’s not like I’m going to stop listening if one or two don’t make it.

  7. steve

    I love the show never can catch the show live so dont appreciate the technical problems that can just hit at any time.
    Seems James has been picked up for his ramblings enough and given the bags in the hallway and “solo” control of feeds etc. I say he did good.
    Maybe some kind of linux based chess timer? 🙂
    The other thing is dont be afraid to keep the shows shorter. If theres a quiet week – its ok!

  8. dirk_79

    I just dont get why anyone ever liked Gnome 2x.. it, and GTK were buggy, broken flat, 2d and hid features from poor dumb users, it even came with its own version of the Windows registry. Pity then that Ubuntu newbies were pointed towards it, when it was the most ridiculous choice of DE for ex-Windows folks, instead Gnome’s UI was desperately aching to be the Mac’s schizophrenic Aqua interface, whilst users lapped it up,so stick Pulseaudio with it, and i (professionally and recreationally) always recommended against it. Fast forward may years, Gnome woke up, from its slumber, realised it missed the boat, and without thinking too much, jumped (yet again) towards where ot really wants to be.
    Unfortunately for ‘easily cnfused’ Gnome users Mac’s UI was going slowly insane, edging instead towards a touch-screen IOS type UI, and so Gnome jumped that way. Gnome’s huge fisher-price icons, hidden features, dumbing down the UI beyond logic, and at the same time purporting to be ‘user friendly’ where to start some programs, these ‘new users’ are expected to know actual filenames to start them. schizophrenic much ? maybe i’ve been around too long, i remember in the 90s whn Gnome and KDE 1.x were very similar, and the ‘desktop wars’ started back then.

    Please dont call people for using the outdated windows users who ‘dont give a crap’ and ‘will use anything’ ‘as long as it works’ ** whilst then ** defending the similarly aged Gnome 2 UI you so much tearn for – and then giving the exact same reasons they use XP that Gnome 2 users do. its the same mindset, except XP users hardly feel superior. Hypocrisy.


  9. t47

    1. Stop comparing Gimp with Photoshop – they’re not even in the same league.
    2. Maybe James should use professional debate format – each person has 120 seconds to present his/hers point of view. When time is up, mic is automatically turned off and next speaker has a chance ;).
    3. People use old versions of Windows for a number of reasons. Quite often it’s not their choice. Some things worked just fine 15 years ago (word processing) and simply don’t need to be updated. When someone just writes simple .doc files he/she doesn’t really need current Windows (with it’s awful system requirements). Even Windows 98 is enough for that purpose.
    4. I miss Scott – he used to bring order to the show 🙂

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