Episode 118: A Bunch of Raspberry Pi?

Round of Releases:


  • Fedora Linux 18 Will Boot on UEFI Hardware with Microsoft’s Help. (internetnews.com)
  • KDE Announces 4.9 Beta1 and Testing Initiative. (lwn.net)
  • Linux Mint 13 ramps up for KDE release . (zdnet.co.uk)

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8 Replies to “Episode 118: A Bunch of Raspberry Pi?”

  1. Ray Woods

    There is a great difference between the Linux kernel and the Gnome 3 GUI. Gnome 3 is up there, in your face, whereas when the kernel is working correctly the user should be oblivious to it. I’m sure this explains Linus’s attitude.

    It is a shame Gnome didn’t continue with Gnome 2 whilst it was continuing to develop Gnome 3, we were all thrown into the deep end, sink or swim. For me it has been downhill on the Linux Gnome desktop since Linux Mint 10 when, in my opinion Gnome 2/Compiz was at its peak. Gnome 2 may be dead but the Resuscitation Team haven’t given up yet.

  2. Glenn

    Did you talk about anything Linux on this podcast? I stopped listening when you started rambling about work and politics and such. I think I will unsubscribe and just read the shownotes for a wile.

  3. Timothy Chan

    Thank You for mentioning SolusOS 1.1! I am not a big fan of Fedora, i’m more of a Ubuntu guy :d. You guys should mention XFCE 4.10 and the development release of gnome 3.5.x, next week 🙂 It’ll also be nice to have a unified application with all your pod-casts in the Apple apple store and Google’s Android.
    P.S Please take a look at Zorin OS 6 RC
    Thank You!
    Big fan of yours,
    Timothy Chan

      • timothy

        Since i have prior programming experience, i think i will be able to make one, but i need 2-3 months to finish learning html, than i will dive into html5, which is language you should use to make the application 🙂

  4. Bill_MI

    Hi guys. Just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about your theme song. But, alas, composing isn’t my thing. And after 54 years of playing everything I hear, I’m probably a walking copyright infraction if I seriously tried.

    As for re-spinning the Mike Blasco arrangement, I don’t think that’s at all within his license which is clearly spelled out on his site. Mike has a talent I wish I had time to explore – composing and production and he’s really one of the best. I’ve just been using my ear to find the notes and chords of things around me.

    Now, if you find an old public domain song, THAT might be within my talents to create a performance. 🙂

    Back to playing SolusOS – I really like this distro!

    All The Best,
    Bill In Michigan

  5. Jethro Mendonça

    Hello there!

    Hey, Rob. Have you already solved the Mint 13 install problem? Maybe I might be saying something VERY stupid here, but MAYBE, it could be the download process for the extra stuff while it’s installing, you know? I thought of that, because whenever I install Mint or Ubuntu using the reeeeally slow Brazilian internet connections, sometimes the install process seems to get stuck in that part, when it’s downloading extra fonts and stuff, and the install takes like forever to complete. And this download process happens at the same percentage of the install progress you mentioned before. So… who knows? Maybe if you turn these downloads off…

    Anyways, good luck with that, and thank you all, guys, for the great job with the MintCast 😉

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