Episode 104: A Visit With Shane


  • Adobe announces plans to abandon flash on Linux. (phoronix.com)
  • LinuxUser & Developer provides a few excerpts from an interview with Clem. (linuxuser.co.uk)

The Main Topic: A Visit With Shane

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  • Turn on https:// everywhere!

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9 Replies to “Episode 104: A Visit With Shane”

  1. Charlie

    The results of Internet Polls are totally irrelevant and generally misleading, unless you believe the loudest voices speak for the majority. Sadly, Linux is a victim of this belief as the importance of a persons opinion is judged by their command line agility and size of their beard. The evolution of Gnome being the perfect example of this.
    Firstly, you can ask a question in three different ways and get three different results, but … who actually completes these polls? Over 80% of Linux users are simply “users”. They switch on their computers, do their thing, and switch off. This is why a totally awesome operating system, that is literally being ‘given away for free’, has less that 2% of the desktop market. Ubuntu/Unity is the only operating system to try to compete with these leading OS’s yet it receives no love from the majority of the Linux Community, simply because “they” don’t like it. The Linux community is so divided because it is lead by egos that follow the rule “I don’t like it, FORK it”. And sadly, these are the people who’s opinions are reflected by internet polls and not the 80% majority that just want to ‘Get Things Done’.
    (Charlie steps down from his soap box)

  2. Sid32

    Re Flash.

    1. You can use the google chrome version of flash in firefox/opera etc right now. This will continue in the future.

    2. As mobile browsing grows and some people say it will hit 50% of all page views in the near future, the fact that adobe is killing flash for mobile will probably kill flash as a web platform. So… maybe it won’t be a big deal not to have flash support. I look forward to the day I can uninstall flash and be done with it.

  3. Sid32

    Re Ubuntu on Android.

    Hey, anyone want to try to use gimp on android?

    The reason that Ubuntu on Android is cool, is that you can get a full OS with full linux programs on a big screen with full keyboard support.

  4. Charlie

    Around 88% of all browser crashes are attributed to Flash. For this reason Steve Jobs stood his ground & refused Flash on the iPhone. When Flash first came out it was something amazing to behold, but those days are far gone.

    Hopefully HTLM5 will replace flash and we can again happily surf multiple pages without fear of the words “He’s Dead, Jim!”

    I use FlashBlock for Chrome & Firefox which already blocks most of the unnecessary flash items on a webpage. If video sites & logmein find alternatives then flash is already gone for me.

    • merelyjim

      “He’s Dead, Jim!”
      As a Jim, I really wish people would quite saying that to me…
      But I agree – the web would be better off without Flash.

  5. M. Jawaid

    On one of my old Sony laptop,with Intel Celeron M, with 512 memory. I installed Lint Mint 12, the only browser choice in this OS is Mozilla Firefox. This Mint Linux has set its search engine set to DuckDuckGo search engine, my question is how can I change this to Google or Bing. Your help will be much appreciated. I am new to Linux so step by step by instruction will help.

    M. Jawaid
    Danville, CA

  6. Copycat

    In the RSS links on this page under “Subscribe,” the “Podcast Feed” at is updated to the current episode with an .mp3 file. However, the “RSS MP3” and “RSS OGG” links under “More Information: … Subscribe:” have the last episode at 98 and 103, respectively.

    I listened to the live stream last week, so no biggie, but I did wonder why Rhythmbox wasn’t pulling down the .ogg file like it usually does…until I checked here. 😉

  7. merelyjim

    Just wanted to say thanks for putting the podcast out there, guys. I’m usually blocked from listening to the live-stream because work gets in the way, but I look forward to a good conversation Thursday night, or Friday morning.

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