Episode 102: Everyone Agrees With James



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10 Replies to “Episode 102: Everyone Agrees With James”

  1. Charlie

    I would just like to clarify my comment regarding pharmaceuticals and replication. Drugs cost a huge amount to develop but little to manufacture. A poor country could replicate a drug at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy from the pharmaceutical company. However because of international patents they are not allowed to do so and therefore people die because of it. The HIV retroviral drugs in South Africa is an example of this. People get so upset with record companies for protecting their copyrighted/patented products but we hear very little about actions of pharmaceutical companies to protect theirs, even though thousands of people die because they can’t afford the drugs. Music, Movie, Drug, etc companies will not invest the huge amounts of money to develop a product if they can’t make a sizable return of their investments.

    We are going to see big changes shortly in movies, music and TV. As large TV’s and high quality audio systems become affordable, less people will visit cinemas. TV adverts are already easily skipped. I believe that advertisements will become an integral part of the media, with greater focus on product placement and dialogues being written to clearly advertise a product. Maybe soon we will hear Gangster Rappers singing about Drive Thru’s rather than Drive bys.

  2. Sid32

    Regarding the comments about programs ‘designed for bureaucrats, not people’. Whether open source or not, programs are designed for those that pay. In the free world, programs are often designed for those that pay with time(community), while in the closed world programs are designed for those that pay for money.

    Let’s say that the NHS in Britain switches all the doctors over to Libre office and also gives them all 12 inch netbooks to type up patience notes/reports on the go. They also give Libre Office a couple of million pounds for ‘Tech Support’ over a couple of years. Wouldn’t we see the Libre Office devs spending lots of time getting Libre office to be optimized for 12 inch screen and smaller battery life?

    Remember developers know who butters their bread. I’m sure once open source are starts to be counted on by big companies on millions of ‘must be working/zero downtime’ machines we will see a sea change in the what/how and why world of open source.

  3. Bob Tregilus

    Hi Guys,

    Great show!

    However, episodes 99 & 100 downloaded fine to gPodder but won’t upload to my iPod 1st generation (it was given to me, would never buy an Apple product).

    I discounted the problem figuring it had something to do with changes for the live stream.

    Episode 101 downloaded and uploaded fine.

    But now episode 102, which downloaded fine, will not upload to the iPod. All of my other 22 podcasts I listen to upload fine, but not mintCast. 🙁

    Given this problem emerged on the show prior to the first live stream show I’m guessing it may have something to down with the software / method you use to render the show and extract the audio only portion?


    Cheers (sort of, I’m missing mintCast)

    PS: You guys could shorten your intros a bit to. When I had a podcast my host and I would sometimes gets complaints if we ran on too long with way off topic banter at the beginning of the show. 🙂

    • JamesC

      Sorry you can’t transfer that episode to your ipod. We don’t extract the audio though. We record directly with audacity and pipe the stream through a secondary computer. I don’t know why 99 and 100 transfered fine as we haven’t changed the method we use to record/render the audio. We will check into it though, rest assured.

  4. Evgeny Kuznetsov

    I must confess I had to agree to a lot of points while listening to the episode, shouldn’t be too bad a thing, all this agreement. And thanks for insightful discussions, guys, I really liked this episode. I even beleive that most topics can be discussed down to very simple things that everyone agrees on simply because they’re logical, so the amount of agreement in this episode could be the sign of high discussion quality.

    I just wanted to put in a little quote on all this copying topic, my rough translation of something one Russian singer-songwriter once blogged: “I put all my records online for free download because I believe taking money for digital copying that essentially costs nothing somehow violates the most fundamental conservation laws. You don’t bother about money where the most basic principles of Universe functioning are at stake.” While this all is debatable, I think there’s some truth in this standpoint.

    And please don’t worry about pronouncing my last name correctly too much. You may call me Evgeny Smith for all I care, since “Kuznetsov” is literary Russian for “[son] of [a] blacksmith”, and for sure is as wide spread a last name as Smith is in English-speaking countries. 🙂

  5. John A

    LOL, I liked James’ off-the-blue comment at about 68:50 on how “unlike Ubuntu, Mint is not ‘destroying everything'”. And you were just talking about journalistic integrity. 😛

  6. Gord Campbell

    Regarding Linux jobs: all the normal qualifications for being hired by a corporation still apply. Before going to the interview, you need to shower and put on clean clothes which make you look like an adult. When you arrive, smile, look the interviewer in the eye, and shake hands like you mean it.

    Sadly, many people in the Linux world have not learned these skills. “I can set up a headless server in 14 minutes,” can get you an interview, but it’s not enough to get you the job.

  7. Ray Woods

    Regarding the measuring of Ubuntu usage through web hits data. I remember when I first came to Linux Mint, around about Edition 6 when Firefox reported the Linux Distribution it said we were running Ubuntu, not Linux Mint. I’m not sure when this was changed so, there could be a few computers out there still who miss report their distribution. This may also go for some of the other Ubuntu based distributions out in the world too. There is also, no doubt many Ubuntu users still very happily using older pre-Unity Editions of Ubuntu as well.

    I believe the real debate should be about the general popularity of different Linux Desktops. Up until Unity, Ubuntu ran by default with Gnome 2 and quite rightly rose to number one. However, with Unity, I’m not sure it still carries the same popularity. I think it would be a fair bet the majority of Ubuntu users in the world are still running on older, pre-Unity editions.

    Looking at the statistics on the Linux Mint Community site it has been very obvious that there was reluctance to jump to Gnome 3, with larger numbers than ever before staying with earlier editions. I hope that with the maturing Cinnamon gaining more of the old Gnome 2 conferability the forthcoming Linux Mint 13, (or really should it be 12, if you think like me that the current Mint 12 has been a “Work in Progress” Beta!), we will see a greater shift from the earlier editions.

    At the very bottom of all of this is, do we like the way the Desktop Development Teams at Gnome and Canonical have been trying to pull the design philosophy? As far as I can tell they have been a miserable failure, hence the interest that Linux Mint has been gaining over the past year.

    For me the pinnacle of the Linux Mint Desktop came with Linux Mint 10, Gnome 2.32 and Compiz. Since then Clem and the Team have been fighting to get the same (if not better) GUI for Mint 12. They have been, in my opinion, really let down by the developers upstream.

    Only time will tell if Ubuntu is the most popular on the desktop but, when you are shipping with a GUI designed primarily for a tablet, not a desktop, I just cannot see how it can thrive. The same probably goes for the Gnome 3 shell as well. Perhaps Ubuntu will pick up on Cinnamon? It will be very interesting to see too if Fedora and SUSE do in the future as well.

  8. merelyjim

    Just a quick mention about “Linux jobs.”

    I use KNOPPIX at least every other day to get something done on a Windows Box. My Boss views Linux tools as something akin to Black Magic, and doesn’t really want to know about it.

    The main complaint from management is that there’s no help desk to call if the Linux tool doesn’t work, and therefore, it can’t be kosher.

    I use it as a sideline, despite my constant use on personal machines, I’d never bill mine as a Linux job.

  9. MacManLinuxLuva

    Thanks guys for keeping the show going. My name is Richard from Jackson, MS and I’m a long time listener (long before the host change), not sure which one of you guys it is that always pronounces Mac OS X as the the letter “X” but for the love of Linux and all things open source PLEASE, if only for me learn to say OS X “10” as in the roman numeral X (ten) not “X” as in “X-ray”. I “literally” every time (not most-times, EVERY-TIME) I hear Linux guys say that. Sorry I used my first post ever for this but I could no longer take it without saying something. Thanks again for all you do really.

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