Episode 100: The Live Stream!


  • Open Source gaining market share from Oracle/IBM. (infoworld.com)
  • Open Source and Developers. (cio.com)
  • Spain’s autonomous Extremadura state to move 40k PCs to Debian Linux. (softpedia.com)

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12 Replies to “Episode 100: The Live Stream!”

  1. Bill_MI

    Wow! Almost 2 days early. Congrats on #100! Congrats on 1 year! Congrats on the livestream!

    For the record, we lost the live stream around 32 minutes in but hey… expect a few bugs, it’ll get there.

    -Bill in Michigan

  2. Charlie

    The purpose of SOPA was to allow the government to control freedom of speech. This is not going to go away. Once the government can prove they need “the off switch” to prevent terrorism, protests will fall away. As people are still blind to the truth about 9/11, I doubt it will be hard for the government to get their wishes.

    • Ratts

      Considering the fact that MegaDownload was shut down the day after SOPA was dropped shows me that they didn’t need SOPA to do what they said it was for – to stop “piracy”.Piracy is just an excuse to gain control over your intellectual content. Think the way we say or don’t think.
      I wasn’t in the dark room with the cigarette smoking guy, but 911 sure follows their pattern of false flag attacks Americans have lived and died for the last 100 years.

  3. Charlie

    Can I suggest a segment for the show? Each week you select a task, for example, cd burning. Each host takes one software package and talk about it features and why it is better than the others. In the example of cd burning, maybe K3B, Brasero & xfburn.

    • Rob

      This is a different problem. I’m not sure where the phantom came from this time. The RSS feed shows them as different file sizes. More investigation required.

      • Bananabob

        I have had a look at the RSS feed and the code looks exactly the same for 100 as for 99. It worked for 99, but not 100. At the moment I don’t have enough time to investigate at my end. May wait and see what happens at 101.

  4. merelyjim

    # Congrates on show 100!

    # Even though I’m not going to notice the difference between XFS or Ext3, Ext4, Raiser, etc. – someone out there on the server side is going to. It’s just as important for new server innovation as it is on mobile or the desktop, so it might seem as glamoruous as a new method of pavement, until you take in the fact that that new pavement is how all the rest of you devices get around.

    # Sorry I missed the Live Show. Maybe next time I won’t be at work. Until then, keep at it.

  5. ibm450

    i have to agree with rob in regards to cinnamon being slow and resource hungry. i find cinnamon menu very slow to initiate on first click after reboot or after switching users.

    i still hold onto mint10 dearly as i personally believe that this was and imho mints pinnacle distro release as its still very easy to use, fast to load up and less resource hungry of the lot.

    im currently using mint10, mint12 and kde12 and im very impressed with kde12 as it feels very responsive compared to mint12 (cinnamon).

    ive also tried 12.04 and to be frank, it feels very snappy and for alpha 2 release, its frightfully stable. colour schemes look amazing also.

    but choosing cinnamon as the default window manager is a wise move.

  6. Ray Woods

    Why all this hassle regarding time zones? Why not just do what Astronomers do; use Universal Time (UT). It would also be fairer to those who don’t live on the Americas, which incidentally, most Mint users don’t.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. BostonPeng

    A double celebration *and* we get Harrison back? *Squeeee!* Congrats on the live stream, guys! Now I just have to find a way to get the live stream and the IRC chatroom working on my stupid Java-based phone.

    I’m not to worried about Cinnamon, but that’s probably because I’m a KDE user. I do love the info on file systems so I can be a more informed user when the day finally comes that I am ready to consider switching what FS I use.

    I’m glad to see Mint 12 KDE out, although I really hope the next Mint KDE release is built on LMDE. Now that I’ve made the switch to LMDE all of the hard work the devs have put into an *Ubuntu-based KDE release no longer affects me but I’d love to stop using alternative repos and go back to using a pure Mint system.

    Keep up the great work, guys! I look forward to hearing mintCast 101, even if I can’t participate live as it’s being created.

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