The Great Linux Multimedia Sprint

When: January 26th from 14:00-06:00 Eastern Standard Time
Where: #media
What: Linux Multimedia “extra content” Sprint

Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX come with lots of media of different types of media — audio, photos, clip art, fonts, and much more.

Linux multimedia distros don’t have this same breadth of material. And someone has decided to do something about that.

The Great Linux Multimedia Sprint will take place on January 26 starting at 14:00 Eastern Time (GMT -5) and run until 06:00. Participants will meet in IRC to coordinate the effort, then work on downloading and collecting material that will then be made available for anyone to download.

I think this is a great idea, and will remove one more point from the “I can’t use Linux because …” arguments.

More info:

One Reply to “The Great Linux Multimedia Sprint”

  1. Richard

    The net has brought some maturity to PC platforms, the ground is shifting beneath our feet in this arena. People use the net and PCs to communicate and view media, for the most part. Netbooks, thin-clients, and media-PCs are the immediate future, with phones merging into the PC arena.

    I had to jump through hoops last night because I didn’t know that Ubuntu didn’t have certain libraries in it initially, but that they had to be installed. Linux Mint was playing my DVDs out of the box, so to speak, but Ubuntu wouldn’t. (This is taking Richard Stallman’s gospel too seriously.)

    If it weren’t for the Ubuntu forum I’d still be trying to figure out why Ubuntu wouldn’t even play my DVDs; and Ubuntu is suppose to be the most popular distro, yet they aren’t smart enough to make it easier on the new user to do something so simple.

    Linux lacks leadership. It could have ruined Microsoft by now, if it had better, coordinated leadership.

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