Testing Twitter

Over in the Linux Mint blog, someone requested that those of us
contributing to the Mint project set up Twitter accounts, so they can
follow us.
I’m not sure I get Twitter — I haven’t quite seen the value of it.
But I can’t deny its growing popularity. So I decided to give it a
shot. I’ve set up an account called "mintCast".
I’ll start by tweeting when I post new episodes of mintCast.
Maybe I’ll also try tweeting about some of the testing that I’m doing.
For example, when I install a new distro or new software that I’m
thinking about discussing in a future episode. This will give you a
preview of what’s coming in future shows.
If it seems useful, I’ll continue the practice. I don’t really
understand why anyone else would care what the frak I’m doing, but
I’ll give it a try.
And if you have suggestions on how to use Twitter, let me know.

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