mintCast 174 – Topic? What Topic?


  • Monthly Linux Mint News (
    • Sponsorship agreement with Blue Systems is coming to an end, the team is focused on Linux Mint 16, and Cinnamon 2.0 will use its own backend. The next LMDE update pack was prepared this week and should arrive into incoming next week (will upgrade MATE to 1.6, Firefox to 23 and Thunderbird to 17.0.8).
  • Penguins, prepare to get SPACED OUT: Ubuntu 13.10’s Mir has docked (
    • “So what does Mir in Ubuntu 13.10 mean? For most users, hopefully nothing.”
  • Booting a Self-signed Linux Kernel ( (
    • “After digging through the documentation out there, it turns out to be relatively simple in the end, so here’s a recipe for how I did this, and how you can duplicate it yourself on your own machine.”
  • Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander” Beta 1 ( (
  • Fedora 20 Will Be Named Heisenbug ( (
  • Google™ Strikes Bizarre Licensing Deal With Nestlé® To Name Next Android™ Kit Kat® (

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