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  • Episode 58: Hosts favorite apps & user feedback

    News & Personal Updates The Linux Mint team is proud to announce the release candidate of Linux Mint Xfce. Bruce Byfield has a blog post titled “Will Gnome 3.0 […]

  • Episode 57: Justin’s IRC

    News & Personal Updates 0:02:17 Linux Mint 10 LXDE has been released 0:02:53 Ubuntu and Gnome are in an ongoing dispute. 0:07:39 NASA gets behind the OpenSource model! […]

  • Episode 56: Linux Mint 10 KDE: The Desktop That Does it All

    News & personal updates 0:00:36 Linux Mint has acquired the copyright to a couple of potential new logo designs. 0:01:47 The OpenSuse team released version 11.4 of their Linux […]

  • Episode 55: LibreOffice and A New How-To

    News & personal updates Did the Banshee team and Canonical finally resolve their differences? Linux Mint is conducting a user poll. Stephen Vaughan-Nichols blogged about his favorite Linux desktop, and I […]

  • Episode 54: Jamie Interview

    News & personal updates Mint KDE 10 has just dropped and LXDE is on the way! More Mint 11 Katya Updates, EUKHost is now hosting Linux […]

  • Ep. 54 will be delayed a week

    Sorry for the wait but things happened in such a way that episode 54 will be delayed this week and it should be out on Feb. 27, 2011. The mintCast […]

  • Episode 53: News

    Main Topic: News Here is the news for this week: Two big stories were published on the LinuxMint blog this week.  The first is the announcement that Mint 10 KDE […]

  • Episode 52: FluxBox

    News & personal updates Neil McGovern of the Debian team has announced that Debian 6 was for released on February 5th. During the two years that Debian ‘Squeeze’ was under […]

  • Episode 51: Linux Gaming Review

    51] Download Harrison and James review some of their favorite Linux games while we transition to the new hosts, in this episode of mintCast. (This is the first episode of […]

  • Episode 50: Interview with Clem Lefebvre

    50] Download Charles and Rothgar’s final episode is the long-awaited interview with Clement Lefebvre, creator and maintainer of Linux Mint. News & personal updates 0:01:23 This is the last episode […]

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