Episode 92: Photo Managers


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The Main Topic: Photo Managers

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program (gimp.org)

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9 Replies to “Episode 92: Photo Managers”

  1. Bob K.

    Digicam does not do “Layers”, or “Masking”. Plus Digicam, does not accept third party commercial plugins. Like Topaz, Silver EFex, Photomatix Pro for HDR, etc.. Windows and MacOSX support the best Photo Editing and Video Editing apps, around. Gimp does not natively support over 8 bit of color. In the future there are plans, but not any time soon. Not acceptable for professionals. Linux has a along way to go in these areas. Answer me this. What professional photographers, (well known), do you know who use Linux, to do their professional work?. I don’t a single one!

  2. merelyjim

    Learning the GIMP was painful until I found this; Grokking the GIMP. http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/
    It’s a few years old now, but still does well in covering the basics, and while not quite as search-able as a wiki, the index is your friend…

    …and yeah, I realize that I’m in the minority running the Debian edition, with Xfce. I started out with KDE back in the days of Red Hat, and have been slowly moving towards lighter-weight DE’s, eventually ending with Crunchbang and Openbox. I figure Gnome will go nuts for about a year until they give in to some of the backlash, and by Gnome3.6, everything will be back to normal. And, I’ll still be using Openbox of Xfce.

    Thanks for the podcast, Gents. Always enjoy it.

  3. BostonPeng

    I know a very good reason why you guys haven’t talked much about KDE lately: There hasn’t been much happening with Mint/KDE since Clem and Boo decided to stop working on Mint 11 KDE and move it to a Debian base. With Mint 12 now released I hope we can get some attention paid to our favorite blue Mint before *too* much longer.

  4. Bob K.

    If Corel would port Paintshop Pro X4 to Linux (no Wine), than you would have a “prosumer” graphics/photo editor for Linux. Gimp still doesn’t cut it as a prosumer, professional photo editor. Therefore Linux as a platform for professional photographers, is still lacking. And always will be, until someone or company steps up to the plate. Gimp still doesn’t natively “fully” has CMYK or over 8bit color support. Planned for Gimp 3.0, but that may take years, considering 2.8 still is not out yet. Reason many of us still Dualboot with Windows.

  5. Travis

    Love the section on Photo Managers. My favorite windows version is IrfanView and had been looking for a Linux alternative. The one thing that IrfanView was lacking is printing different pictures on one page. Is there one of these managers that does/not do printing well. In windows I still use the OS print pictures because it will print pictures at a certain size (3×5, 4×6) and the option of printing different pictures on the same page and several of the same pic.


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