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11 Replies to “Episode 85: More Things Linux”

  1. Charlie

    Finally I took a leap of faith and moved from LM11 to LMDE on my laptop. I was ready and in need for speed. It all looked great at first but then ‘Update 3’ came along and it felt like my barrel had just gone over Niagara Falls. Everything broke… No USB ports worked, Webcam wasn’t found, Sound was like a blown speaker, not to mention the 2 minute boot up because of the repeated error warning. It should have carried a warning.. Do not operate this laptop UNLESS under the influence of Valium. At least Linux is so cool it allows you to boot up the old kernel which works fine. Off to forum now to see if there’s a solution.

  2. merelyjim

    Deliberately put off listening to the podcast until yesterday so I’d have something to do other than iPhone-podcast-insanity. Thank the Gods for Linux in what feels to be an ever-increasingly iOS world.

    Just a note about “socializing” on the podcast; DO IT!

    I use Linux because it works. It allows me to got done whatever I have to do in order to complete a job and move onto the important things in life like friend, family, music, beer, etc.

    The tools I use, all Open Source, are the best they can be because like a group of craftsmen who got together to design a keyhole saw, people who knew what they were talking about, talked about the difference between a miter and a hack saw and whatever other tools they used at work. It’s called, “talking shop.” Along the way, you introduce some personal stuff. That’s good – we need to remind each other that there’s more to life than computers.*

    As far as ‘ego’ has arisen… um… I didn’t see it when I read the comment originally, and don’t see it now. Are we smarter than the average bear? Yes, the average bear cannot use the command line, and never even bothered to evolve thumbs – zero commitment. Do the podcasters, or anyone seriously using Linux, see themselves as smarter than the typical Mac or Windows user? Damn right, but that’s not ego. The truth just hurts sometimes…

    • merelyjim

      * Wow. I just said “…we need to remind each other that there’s more to life than computers.”

      I throw myself on the mercy of the court…

  3. BostonPeng

    I love listening to mintCast every week because almost every show tells me something I didn’t know, and many times it came from someone going OT. The fact that you guys make “editorial comments” is one of the best parts of the podcast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone from “meh” to wanting to look into something more because of the conversation on the ‘Cast.

    I also enjoy catching up on what y’all have been up to in the past week. Some may say it’s strangely interesting but I just call it info from real life that I may be able to pass along to someone else. As so many folks said about Facebook recently, it ain’t broke so why try to fix it?

    There’s more to life than computers merelyjim? Heretic! Stone him! (hehehe)

    I heard a story on NPR’s All Things Considered early this week about Samsung paying Android licencing fees to Microsoft (www.npr.org/2011/10/03/141006637/microsoft-google-tussle-over-android-phone-patents) and I’m curious to hear what you guys think about it.

    Enjoy your weekend, y’all. I look forward to getting educated and entertained on the next ‘Cast.

  4. Charles (the original mintCaster)

    Regarding the comment about your egos —

    You guys record your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and post them so that everyone in the world can listen if they choose. You believe that other people want to hear what you have to say.

    OF COURSE you have strong egos, or you wouldn’t be doing a podcast. And you’re obviously right — people DO want to listen to you. A lot of people are downloading the show every week and listening to what you have to say.

    It’s the same for writers, instructors, or anyone who does something that others can read, watch, or listen to. Without a healthy ego, you wouldn’t be able to do it. That’s what makes public speaking difficult for so many people, if they don’t have the ego for it.

    As for socializing — I think the show would suffer without it. It makes you more real, more human. Even when I’m watching the news, I prefer the shows where the anchors do socialize a bit, where we get to learn a little about them personally with each show. As long as it’s brief and the show moves along, a little socializing makes it a better podcast.

  5. Mark

    comments like ‘ he’s using KDE ‘ and ‘ oh we can fix that ‘ and other KDE negativity just show the hosts to be just as bigoted and fanboy-ish as any Mac or Windows weenies i’ve heard.

    I’ve been getting more irritated episode by episode, with errors, FUD, lack of basic Linux knowledge, newbie confusion and just plain hyperbole and such displayed pathetic fanboy mentality.. i’ve had enough. i have unsubscribed.

    I’ve been using Linux since 1997 when KDE and your beloved Gnome were indistinguishable,
    The desktop wars are over, take your ‘my desktop is better ‘ mentality and go make a Mac podcast. unless you were just trolling, trying to as you said, to illicit more of a response.. my response is to ditch your show,

    KDE is just an D.E. like Gnome is, GTK2 has inherent problems, its generally an old school flat 2d Mac-like environment Gnome was (understandably) chosen for Ubuntu newbies, Mark Shuttleworth even said, – he was a KDE power user himself. (as was Linux Torvalds) and, because Gnome’s dumbed-down UI, and the crap that is pulse audio that is invariably bundled, this makes it an ‘ avoid at all costs ‘desktop environment’ that i do not, and cannot recommend to users, in my job as a consultant. some who actually personally own I’macs and the like at home.
    even running extra layers of complexity upon the x-server and calling it compiz and emerald to try to modernise Metacity was a poor idea, KDE has this natively, consequently with less overhead too.

    KDE always has been about customisability.. as is Linux itself, and it does NOT assume its users are dumb or scared of ‘options’.. it is certainly a far more modern 3d GUI, but alas, after its switch to QT4 the KDE desktop did suffer, the rush to jump on to the QT4 bandwagon lost KDE users, a great shame,

    Gnome is going to go through what happened when KDE switched,
    sadly though, Gnome 3 seems to be trying even harder to be Mac OSx now, and hiding what little UI features it already had or could tweak (with the registry editor, sorry, Gconf tool) and turn itself into a plain grey 2d box with buttons ultimately, which is where it seems to be heading.

    so, that’s 2 podcasts i have now dumped now because of infantile
    ‘ mines shinier than yours ‘ comments, yes you likely think i should just take a chill and back off, but these snide, unthinking, careless and partisan comments belong to a world we chose to leave behind, by becoming linux users, and to bring that mindset along to our Linux is doing a great dis-service to the people who write, use, and promote free software.

    I hope you see the bigger picture..
    ‘i dont like your shoes, get some like mine’ seems a little sad.

    • Rob


      As the source of the KDE comment you’re referring to, I’m sorry that you have take offense. It was not my intent to put forward a recommendation in favor of, or opposed to KDE as a desktop environment. My comment was offered in jest, as most of my poking at KDE has been over the course of the podcasts we’ve done.

      I understand that KDE is one of several perfectly viable desktop environments available to a Linux user. I understand that KDE has both strengths and weaknesses as a desktop environment. I happen to prefer Gnome, but that matters little as far as I’m concerned.

      If this were a serious matter, I would not joke about it. I put desktop preferences at about the same level of significance as preferences for football teams (of either flavor). Some folks get passionate. I can’t really do much more than pick one and make jokes about the whole situation.

      Again, sorry to have given offense. I hope you find a podcast with hosts who are serious, knowledgeable Linux professionals.

  6. Charlie

    Rob, your apology is insufficient. You must pay for your crime against serious podcasting and are duly sentenced to use KDE for 6 months on all your computers. If you do not complete this term you will receive a much harsher sentence, 6 months using Unity.
    I’m only joking of course. Humour is only bad when it’s used to cause pain. I’ve just come back from a vacation to the USA and you guys really need more humour in your media rather than ads for medication and ‘doom & gloom’ newscasts.
    Keep up the humour Rob.

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