Episode 84: The Debian, Customized

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  • Customizing the Debian

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  • Staying with the theme of customization
    Building your own kernel, a complete guidehttp://how-to.linuxcareer.com/in-depth-howto-on-linux-kernel-configuration


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8 Replies to “Episode 84: The Debian, Customized”

  1. Charlie

    How do new computers users begin with Linux?
    Seasoned Linux users (especially podcasters LOL) are often amazed as to why Windows & Mac have such success whilst Linux, a superior and totally free product, does not. “Why again was this not the year of the Linux Desktop?” they ask every year. In my opinion, the main reason they are not able to answer this question for themselves is because they have surpassed the ability to see through the eyes of a brand new user. I would estimate 95% of users simply want to use their computers/operating system. Where do new computer users go to learn Linux? I don’t mean a transition from Windows to Linux as most people, in general, stay with what they learn first. Linux Mint is, again in may opinion, the easiest for beginners. However even with such an excellent community it requires a reasonable level of computer knowledge to benefit from it. If Linux is to compete with Windows & Mac it needs to be the first OS a new user uses. Linux needs more media presented in a way that is understandable to a new computer user. Everywhere there are magazines, books, etc for new users of Windows, and next to them on the shelf, are the Linux ones that should carry a warning “for geeks only”.

    Mint Geek Cast?
    You three Mintcasters are excellent but sometimes I feel the podcast is oriented too much to a small geek niche. As I listen to your podcasts I can’t help but wish I would hear more of how I can get the most out of Linux Mint rather than what I can replace it with or what I can do to change it. Don’t ask listeners what they want from the podcast because there is vastly greater number of potential listeners out there who’s voices will not be heard.

  2. MikeC

    I hesitate to post this, but I really feel I need to comment on the very poor sound quality of this episode.

    Even though you did warn us that the audio quality of your interview was poor, it was really some of the worst sounding stuff I’ve ever heard on a podcast. It was doubly frustrating because of the detailed technical nature of the discussion, and because of the quality I am quite disinclined to re-listen to try and pick up the things I missed (that, and I was rather put off by your interviewees comment about only geeks liking a text-based startup screen, but that’s just a matter of taste I guess). Aside from this, there were also at least 2 parts of the ‘cast where you left in long gaps of silence in the recording where you obviously meant to edit. I didn’t time them (I listen in my car and didn’t watch the countdown timer), but I would say they were each at least 20 or 30 seconds if not longer, and even 5 seconds is an eternity in audio.

    I work with computer audio and broadcasting in my real job, and I make a conscious effort not to apply my professional standards to things like Mintcast because you do it out of devotion to the subject. Often your enthusiasm for the subject carries the day when things may not be as polished as other podcasts, but I think perhaps your collective real-world committments probably put you into a mode of ‘must get the show out no matter what’, and that led to the state of the episode. I know that had you decided to skip a week to make sure that you put out a listenable product I wouldn’t have thought the worse of you.

    Anyway: please don’t think I’m just flaming you or anything, but I really felt that I needed to let you guys know what my opinion was.

    • merelyjim

      Despite the bad audio quality, the data imparted was worth it.

      The episode was late coming out this week, and you-all have a life outside the podcast, and as you posted on twitter, there were technical difficulties. Maybe the guest had better things to do than restate his entire interview as well…

      In the end, the choice of put it out there or not, came out as “put it out there.” I feel it was the right choice.

    • Scott


      Thanks for the feedback. There is no doubt that the audio quality of Jason’s feed was way below the standard that we have set for ourselves. Like you, I struggled to listen during the interview. Personally, I will not listen to podcasts that do not have good audio quality, so I was concerned about this episode. As you are aware, we decided to release based on the quality of the information Jason shared, accepting the poor audio.

      Going forward, we will double our efforts to make sure all voices heard on mintCast are presented with acceptable audio quality. We have already explored using different technologies to make this happen.

      As to the gaps, we had a catastrophic failure during editing that resulted in the loss of the entire edited episode. James was able to reconstruct it from the raw audio feeds (while studying, taking test and writing papers for school). Unfortunately, the gaps made it to the final product.

      Thanks for writing in. I know your intention was not to flame us, and I do appreciate the feedback.

      – Scott

  3. ibm450

    i feel the show needs abit more light and shade as it sounds abit mono toned.

    example: like the old (not new) linux action shows with Bryan Lunduke in them.

    other then that, great pod cast, and keep up the hard work.

  4. JD

    Thank you for another great mintcast episode. I love the style of the show its verry fun and imformative. I Havent left my feedback in awhile so I decided to let ya guys know you do an awesome job! (I know that you already know that!) I have seen quite alot of podcasts die recently and im relly glad you all find the time to put up a great show. Long live mintcast! It was cool hearing charles back as a guest as well. perhaps we can get that rothgar to visit the show again too!

    Anyway great show as always!

  5. its IG-dra-sill

    I really liked your reviews of the top 10 in ep83. It would be nice if you could continue this periodically with say, the rest of the top 50 or 100. Might be nice to take the distros up to 100 and compare with the ones you liked the best in 83.

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