Episode 77: The Linux File System

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  • This week’s tip comes from the latest issue of Linux Format magazine.  When we reviewed Linux Mint 11, I complained about the new overlay scrollbars that Mint inherited from Ubuntu 11.04.  Well, in his review of Mint 11, Shashank Sharma provides the command that will switch you back to old skool classic scrollbars:sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-0  (then logout or reboot)


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11 Replies to “Episode 77: The Linux File System”

  1. Ralph

    /usr has nothing to do directly with the user. It stands for Unix System Resources. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_directory_structure.

    On a separate matter. I installed Mint a few years ago and liked it fine. I stopped installing it when I read that Adobe Flash was being included. How is Flash actually installed? Am I given a chance to decline it during installation and have everything else installed. Flash is a disaster when it comes to security and that is plenty of reason not to install it. But, it has an unreasonable license and that is why I won’t install a system that automatically installs it. I don’t want to do anything that might give Adobe the idea that I had accepted their license.
    Good day

    • JALU

      Ralph you are clearly either upset or uninformed. There is a version of Linux Mint that does “NOT” install flash and all of the extra codecs that some people find offensive or destructive to their systems. It is all here for you to download and enjoy. I think you just wanted to use another distro and that is o.k. to. No need to bash Mint or any distro for trying to give people want they want, and many people do want flash.

  2. MaTachi

    I just installed Linux Mint on my laptop after fiddling in Arch for some days, and I must say that the first boot felt awesome. Everything worked out of the box and I could almost instantaneously start to “get things done”. 🙂 It feels great to be back in Linux Mint.

  3. ibm450

    libreoffice i feel is not ready for enterprise distribution as i personally feel it is still frustrating to use and WAY less productive then any of the M$ office suites (M$ has nailed it in department of office suites hands down). if somehow they could make libreoffice toolbar similar to office 2003, then yes, maybe as currently libre has a ugly messy UI layout. i also find the performance of Libre rather, VERY slow, especially the libre presentation (the powerpoint version – would it be due to poor drivers for the graphic cards – who knows). there also seems to be loads of mockups to libreoffice UI on the net, but as usual, its always stays as a thought or as a mockup.
    so in short, my personal thought on it is, no. libre office is improving, but needs a huge revamp on the UI and definately need a performance kick in the boots – loads up and performs slow

    • JALU

      So let me understand this. Are you saying that Libre Office, a free office suite should do everything that the $300.00 plus Microsoft Office suite does? Really? If that were the case, how could Microsoft get paid? Those extra features “YOU” pay for, and no one does it better than the good folks at Microsoft. I know many people on all three platforms that use Libre Office daily and none complain of frustration, slow performance or messy UI. So in short my personal thought is yes, use the free Libre Office Suite where i can read (if necessary) write to and send to MS office variants. The bottom line for me is that Libre Office does exactly what i need it to do. Get the job done. In business, as far as i know, Enterprise Linux variants are including and supporting either Libre or Open Office. So it can`t be too bad, but an enterprise user could answer more directly to this point. Finally, i do not want Libre Office to look any more Microsoft than it already is. This is an Open Source office suite and it should never loose it`s identity.

      • ibm450

        loose its identity? its identity needs a kick start starting with a UI revamp! then why are so many peolple making UI mockups for L/Office? dosnt that tell you alone that they are trying to make the UI so much easier to work with? when one looks at the mockups, you can immediately see how much more practical the suite becomes. as a site I.T. support, i have shown and installed libre office on many various admins and various departments local machiones, who are power office suite users, and within a week of use, all reported back stating it was a frustrating and clumsy software to use and wanted it removed. i agree with you in regards to it been free and dose most of the tasks required like M$ office suit, but in reality, it stays as it own identity as an alternative.

        • JALU

          An alternative is exactly it`s purpose. I have never seen it advertised as a complete replacement for M.S. office and I`m glad to see that you agree, but as to the notion of a site IT support person installing software for Administrators as well as various departments local machines that are power users, i`m not really sure i`m convinced, but i can not say without certainly this did not happen. I just find it odd.

        • ibm450

          not convinced! no need to convince anyone nor you. im relaying from hands on experience and feedback from people who use / rely on m$ office to carry out their daily tasks productively (from word to powerpoint and most importantly outlook) found that using Libre just did not cut it. sure it does the basic tasks, but when needed to do real productive work, they had issues with it, for one, using the toolbar (clumbsy) had to guess what each icon represented (the office 2007 ribbon toolbar – which i hate dearly was so much more intuitive then the libre office UI)

          i mentioned earlier that its a alternative office suite because thats all it will stay as on free OS distribution inclusion. its like comparing linux to windows, linux will always stay as a alternative that will never make it on the main stream desktops replacing windows and like libre it will never replace m$ office nor will it be as productive as m$ office in real world use. its good to have a distribution cd with everything installed but like linux, libre will remain as a pc enthusiasts toy a toy that does almost everything but not really cut out for the big boys to play with.

        • Cameron Threats

          Its very interesting to note how M.S. minded folks claim to have the very best software on the market hands down, yet cannot resist the urge to nitpick software used by Unix variants. It`s often referred to as; it just can`t cut it, a toy,clumsy,and an alternative that will never make it in the main stream. Yet, everyday we find this same software making more and more inroads in every facet of the computing world. User experiences vary from one person to another and excluding some M.S.devotees , Linux,Unix,BSD and even Mac to a great extent are content using Open Source software to do everyday task in their personal lives as well as business. We all know people who use FOSS. In there comparisons,they state that many of the functions in the M.S. Office Suite components can be accomplished using their open source counterparts, just not the same way. M.S. fanatics continue to hurl snide insults, i.e. (“Were the big boys in the real world and you cannot compete”) at everyone not willing to part with their hard earned money to install software on their systems that they can do without. The opposite position being, If you like it, we love it; “For you”. Just as Mac,BSD,and Linux are all alternatives to Windows, we are all very happy to have it be just that. An alternative.

  4. DonsEars

    Hi Guys,

    Love the show! You mentioned you are afraid of blowing away Windows on a new laptop and then having problems with a Linux install. Any time you are about to “upgrade” a system it would be a good idea to use Clonezilla to save a copy of the old system before destroying it. If things don’t work out, just restore your clone.

    – Don

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