Episode 73: Desktoping in the Future

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10 Replies to “Episode 73: Desktoping in the Future”

  1. John E. Slaughter

    There are a few things I noticed in the end of the podcast I wanted to comment on. We switched from windows to linux because the 17 odd flavors of windows you mentioned simply do NOT work. I have to use windows at work at times and I gnash my teeth because it is so **** painfully slow and since I use linux in my home network well over 90% of the time I am used to things working fast. I really think netflix is the last thing that keeps me having some ties to windows.Mint 11 is better than mint 10 in some ways but there are things in 11 that you have to do manually that were automatic in Julia.It isn’t a problem for me but I do wonder why some easy just working things were not kept;all in all I like mint 11 and use it on my desktop. I know there is a problem with too many distributions but the ones I have tried all have some nice features to recommend them. I installed Mageia 1 on a desktop and it was nice, nice effects and I would use it a couple or three times a day but every morning it crashed logging in. It was easy enough to fix but unacceptable;that computer now runs Super OS just fine. The people with old hardware usually will get Bodhi from me. I like leading people who are refugees from windows to linux and have led people to Ubuntu Bodhi and other distributions too but for people with good solid hardware I recomend Mint. It is my favorite,they can go distro hopping later. I’ve done it;I tried mint first after I noticed how much people using it liked it and now I do too.The biggest problem is all of the distributions offer something nice. Why would anyone go back to broken windows?

  2. John E. Slaughter

    One other thing I hate touch screen;I guess I have fat fingers too but the Icons do not seem to match the touch field and I often find myself in the wrong place. I do not ever see me using touchscreens at home. It seems that from all the stretching and reaching though one would get fit and trim using touch screens. I hate them personally. If we were meant to use touchscreens gods would not have invented the mouse.The mouse is so easy and you don’t need arms 5 feet long.

      • ratseyesoup

        As far as touch screens goes I hate fingerprints on my screen,just look at your keyboards to see what I mean. Also pocking at your screen all day can’t be good for it or your fingers.

      • ratseyesoup

        Well good point but last time I checked, MAN invented the mouse not a god… …another chicken or the egg debate ?

  3. MikeC

    Regarding all the feedback from Ep72 that accused you all of being ‘Mint fanbois’.

    Just what the hell people think they would be getting from a podcast called ‘Mintcast’?

    Frankly, the reason I keep listening is because you focus your coverage and discussions about Linux Mint. With the release of Ubuntu 11.04, I became quite disenchanted with the directions that Canonical was taking their distro and I was interested in switching to Mint after having heard about how good it was for several months. Your coverage of the release of Mint XFCE helped sway my decision to move to it, and was so full of useful information (most notably the usefulness of Gigolo to make up for Thunar’s shortcomings) that I extracted the discussion from episode and saved it for future re-listenings.

    Your coverage of the general Linux community is welcome, but there are more than enough outlets for such things already, and having a focus for your discussions is a good thing.

  4. rocket-dog

    I was very surprised how easily the mouse was dismissed. I suggest a good google on Alan Kay would prove enlightening.

    Touch works in some scenarios. But don’t forget we have been here before, I suggest you google light pen. As you said it is a recipe for arm ache.

    Keep up the good work chaps!

  5. Sid32

    Hey guys, if you are looking for a site/addon of the week, might I suggest flash-aid? It’s a little addon for firefox that got my flash working again.


    I don’t use firefox as my default browser, but because other browsers(opera, chromium) use it’s flash files, it’s a very simple way to update flash and let me get back to watching my full screen videos. I know some of your listeners like to mess around with command lines and PPA’s, but this little addon should be a wonderkind to those of use that don’t and just want to enjoy working flash.

    • MikeC

      Though I no longer use Ubuntu, FlashAid is one of the things I really miss about it. It made my life so much easier once I discovered it (though I don’t know if it works on FF5, and I won’t be testing it out anytime soon).

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