Episode 42: Peppermint OS Interview

0:00:52 Interview with Kendall Weaver about Peppermint OS

0:43:00 Origins of Peppermint

0:54:48 Get Peppermint OS

0:55:13 Follow Peppermint OS

0:55:38 Peppermint sponsored by VPS.net

Web site of the week

0:55:55 GigaOM

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2 Replies to “Episode 42: Peppermint OS Interview”

  1. Brad

    The static on Charles mic almost turned me off from this episode, the sound quality was really bad. I’m glad I got through it since the guest was very informative, and it was another good episode.

    Thanks for the podcast guys.

  2. michael

    Thanks for this. I was merely a bit curious about Peppermint OS when I started my commute today and by the time I got done with the podcast, I decided to download it. SSB’s aren’t really my thing, although having a two-year old, let’s just say — an SSB that goes to, say, sesamestreet.org, well, I totally see the point.

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